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Do not Text and Drive a Starship

I think, we share something.
A sense of nothingness

I think we both understand
the courage of light in dark
and the transformation
of man

The guild
that flies between the stars

Must be from they
whose heart
beats thousands of years

There is no other way
than to cut out your own
and replace it

And we would find our way to them
like a man
slowly gone mad

Ocean in his blood
Red the sky above

The vast spaceship travelling through the dark

I think
we share something

An ability to transform opium
An ability to mete punishment
The way of the guild

I think we understand
the helplessness of life
the hopelessness of flesh

And we both will trade
the part of us
which will not die.

For a part that lives on.

A part that
carries us to a new home

Tree of Life


I am a woman

In her phone.

I ring up as her massage therapist.

I like being a woman there.

I like girl talk.

I like asking how is her husband?

Just between us girls.

Sofi Needs A Ladder


I am so fucked up

I am so fucked up.

That is the poem.

I'm totally wasted.
God it feels so good.

What's my name again?
I can't even say my fucking name.

So you're heading out to Colorado.
Warehouses, huh?

Fuck you man.
Pass it.

I'm so completely fucked up.

I love it.

Wish You Were Here


This is you

This is you
this is me

Here we are

Winter Trees - The Staves


Fat Angel

Your eyes are soft in the dark
Your hair a bright
dirty blonde

Your skin glows in the light
Your breasts round

I hold you in the dark and you say it feels right.
But your husband is away.

And we were so blind.

I walked across the camera line
a black jacket against a black fence against time

And we finally put it all into place
You've got yours.

I've got mine.

I lost myself.
So long ago.

And I have so much road
to travel along

When I let go
of the wheel

Do angels fly over
My self driving car

I stop.

And get high
from a pipe
in the shape of Venus of Willendorf

Sweet Jane - The Cowboy Junkies






Black and White

For Alie

Looking through
infinite possiblities
as above so below
above and beyond outside the lines of reason

push the envelope
watch you bury me

Let me stretch my arms deep through redwood loam
your roots pierce my bones

Watch you grow tall majestic strong
the California wind blowing through your arms

Let the raging sea crash forever against Sur
breaking past Steamer Lane double overhead
biting my lip again
when I see your picture

Let your fingers trace my scars
Let me lose some fucking weight

And get my ollie back above two feet again

Feel the rhythm
Feel the night
Feel the black widow

Bathe in the fountain of my painted death spiral
Airbrush you on jet

so high

The sky

Against the white of your skin
We go into a dive

A free fall frame

Time enough for me.

But the real turn on might be.


A Florida CEO

A Florida CEO
The emperor of Versailles

Who makes his money off customers
mostly because he lies

Writes a note with the paycheck

Let's read the asshat 2004

"So where am I going with all this? It's quite simple.
If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as
our current President plans, I will have no choice
but to reduce the size of this company.
Rather than grow this company
I will be forced to cut back.

This means fewer jobs, less benefits and certainly less opportunity



So, when you make your decision to vote, ask yourself,
which candidate understands the economics of business ownership










Answer those questions and you should know who might be the one capable of protecting and saving your job.





to tell you to believe the "1 percenters" are bad,

I'm telling you they

are not.

They create most
of the jobs.

If you lose your job, it wo…

If I'm so wrong where does love come from?

Your nipple.
my teeth.

I cannot look at your tattoos.
I want to.

I turn away, like an autistic child.
You taste like peaches.

I can pour the cream.

You snapped at your husband.
Never give me mapquest.
Only google maps.

It was cold.
My heart hurt from the moment I woke
in your arms.

Morning coffee.
A feeling of love for everyone around me.
One so powerful it swept over me.
I wanted to sit in a corner.
So I could not see anything
but a weatherworn table
and your face.

The same face that now speaks every so faintly of age.
The face that still calls to me of beauty.
And the happy family.
That isn't so happy.
The view through the rear window.

We spoke of voice talent
and telephone systems

Anxiety pulling down.

You were so beautiful. So tall.
So graceful. Lithe.

You have had so many women.
They do whatever you want.
I didn't.

The traffic stretched over a hill
across a bridge.

Around an island.
Back to shore.

I stared at the ass end of cars lined up
all the way to …


We fly out as far as we can before our water runs out
We test ourselves

What do we do
with the drunken sailor

Get that mother dude naked.

Pull him behind the boat for bait.

I don't understand what I feel

I don't understand what is real.

You can do anything you want
to a drunken sailor

And you should

Where it's At - Beck



It hurt
to be there for a third of the time
it took to drive there.

Twenty three hours of driving.
Six short hours until dawn.

We drove into each others arms
but in the cold of a playground
we saw our lives unfold
away from each other

I saw the look in your eye

When the children were playing on the swing.
When you and I spoke of religion.

And then it was gone.

By the kind of thing we both learned in the street.
A way to keep the hurt from killing.
A way to find our way home.

Your husband.
Didn't get the map right.
And for a split second, you seemed sharp.
Always use google maps. Don't use mapquest.

I think.

My heart ached and hurt from the moment of sunrise.
The sex. Not really us. Yet.
A sort of stolen encounter.
That asked more questions.
Than it answered.

So I close my eyes.
And I see a place
where a confused man
tries to remember the name.
Of a Bar.

On Harvard Square.
The weird tendency of a latter day saint
to avoid alcoho…

Cookie Thumper - Die Antwoord


Up and Down

I really don't care
if you're alive or dead
if you love me or if you don't

I am not really in love with you
and the reason is simple

I had all my love removed

It took awhile to drag it out of me
but I had help

Thanks to the miracle of modern surgery
they only had to make a small cut
and then they removed it
with a stripper

I didn't ask them
to use local
they had my head turned away
but just before

I caught a glimpse
of ultrasound

Pick me out of the lineup

I'm easy to find.
I have a number beneath.

I am smiling.
I try to sleep .
I'm wide awake.

They won't leave me alone.
They don't take vacations.

I don't care
if you hate me.

I don't care. If you think.
I'm passive.
If I'm.
If I'm.
If I'm.

I don't care.
If you love me.

I just want your love
to bite into my chest
and with elegant stainless grace
push the warmth of your hand
into everything I am

Us. and . Them.

I had a friend.

Who only half remembe…


You know

you're not quite the same now
what's going on?

You know

it's time to talk in hushed whisper
something's wrong.

You know

father says your mother's right
you need to take a good hard look at yourself
and ask yourself what you really want
tell me your goals
let's talk
let's work this out
let's make things right

You know

we really want you to be happy
we're doing this for your own good

this is going to hurt

more than it hurts

I'm getting tired of asking you this.

I get confused.

A daughter.
A son.

But everyone else is fair game.
Even you.

It's a beautiful thing
to be dark within dark
and pain within pain

Cold vacuum
No other possibility

Why would I be kind
Why would I help any living thing

I hate them all
everything that breathes

I despise single cells
and their pathetic feelers
clawing their way through
clear liquids

I want to tie bacteria
and virus

And watch them fall
and laugh at them

I want to cut off your boob job
wipe the makeup off your face

and take you out
behind the doggie diner dog heads

and bite you

Totem of Confession, Solution Part 1.

The solution for the totem of confession begins; your first clue is 66 seconds.

F*ck That - A Guided Meditation



It feels better
biting down

we touch in the way we can
no arms
we breathe by machine

and take vacation in our sleds
planet air
and our thousand year savings accounts

we go to the restaurant
the carp undying
in chinese zero gravity
to look
but not touch

tumors jut
from soft white scales

its thoughts
they say
touch the glass
for luck
and long life
by age related disease
our parts gleam in the halflight

one thousand years old
dreaming of nice girls
and black cars
and sludge coiling around its gills
like smoke.

nice thoughts
nice friends

we remember the clan wars
in zero g
heads do not loll
mouths do not drop open

and sharing dinner together before we both go back
into the black verse
we both look to the glass
and see
the ancient, undying carp
has already forgotten who he was
or why he is here
or if he is even in an aquarium

and we fold space
from Ix

to navigate our ships
through space

most of our body
by electronics
and this
strange …

Diana's Story - An assignment.

You will start with:

Near our house there is an old tunnel through which runs a disused and very rusty railway line. One day, armed with a powerful torch, I decided to walk through it to see where it led to.

Write two paragraphs.

I walked on. Farther. The light of my torch illuminated the walls. The walls seemed to be covered with the roots of trees. At first, I was not sure if the man was an illusion. If the roots or limbs of the trees had formed in the distance to become the shape of a man.

He speaks in broken spanish, and she responds in english. I listen. He talks. His voice seems to come from everywhere. And nowhere. He says that he ran here. But his shoes are clean and his suit is pressed and nice. Then my tourch failed. But where the man is, there is a fire. I sees lettering on the wall. "Chernobyl." His voice is warm and his words are polite and I feels safe. But something is not right. At last his story is done. And then a chill came over her body. And I saw …

Does the News Do Us Any Good?


I like it when you just talk to me

I like it when you just talk to me
from your heart

What is it about us
that makes everything survive

The worst part was your heart
shaking loose eyeball nectar
from the drive up from that place
near princeton

So we barely touched
and it was selfish

But I love you.

Oh Jesus.
I'm not a mormon.
But if I was.

Lord knows.
I would love to be in your pod.
To walk with you.

To grow old.
To be your anchor.
The place to which you always return.

My princess bride.

Good Vibrations -Psychic TV


Just one more thing..


I Love You.

It's the truth.

My Dream Girl Don't Exist - Neutral Milk Hotel


Feel Good, Inc. - Gorillaz



I had a conversation
where I wanted to show someone
something about depleted steel
so I pulled out my knife
and showed them the handle
and closed blade

I encouraged them to take it, hold it.
Try the feel.

But then something strange happened
as we talked
the person said.

"Give it back to me"
and at first I was surprised.

They held onto it.
And I smiled.
But enough being enough,

I told them.

If you do not give me back my knife.
I will call the police.

I asked for it five times.
Finally they returned
my knife to me.

Wiping away their fingerprints

shaking like a leaf.

I suppose.

She wanted leverage.
she could use
to claim
her paranoia
was real

Out of her depth
and rolling in wealth



I thought as I reflected
I would laugh
but only a sadness fell upon me

She had sent me a letter
all but confessing her love for me
and I explained carefully

That I love someone.
That polyamory.

Is about honesty.
I asked if she told her husband.
We w…

Alain De Boutton - On Melancholy


Open Wound

I have no ink
no tattoos
only scars

They tell a story
of the time I went home
with my hand holding in my insides

They whisper of the day I was left alone
in the desert
to die

They show where the metal wounds come
from the sharp edges of mountain bikes
and where the road rushes up to meet you
from the skateboard that you ride

There is one from when I was very young
and the knife missed
and so I am not blind

There is one upon my ear
where the clip of the gun
smashed through the window
and cut my earlobe

I drove away in reverse
as fast as I could

There are scars
and broken bones

And a broken heart

Wanderlust - Bjork


A Day in the Life of A Town - 1952


I crashed my car today and it hurt

I crashed my car today and it hurt
the front torn up
it struck a black car
and slid under it
knocking off their spare tire

I crashed my car today and it hurt
my child in the seat
I tried to start and drive
but I did not get too far
and ended up on a truck

I feel stupid
and sad
and embarassed
and a little scared, because I need that car

I give my child a ride to school
on the back of a motorcycle

I try to fix a car that is almost completely destroyed

I want to try
I want to make things better

I'm sorry
I hurt you

Blackout Days - Phantogram


Worrying About My Bacteria

Let's quietly let our neighbors
do their own thing
they are shy
we keep to our own

And the Bishop at church sits at his desk

You did not go today.
You made a sandwich.

You did not confront your fears.
You faced them.
With a soft puppy.
With soft jaws.
And a faint smell in its fur.
That you barely recognize.

You eat the sandwich.
And watch Maze De La Roche.

She stands there, short hair.
Loves you for who you are.
The failings of her sex uncrecognized.

She hates to be touched.

I am guessing she was never lesbian.
She hates touch.
She mistrusts.

She wants to be pure.
But the bacteria circle around her.

And even in isolation.
When the puppy smell is gone.

She no longer has a use for you.
the wicked intimacy of child's play
inside her intestines

and fire works against her skin
she sees the sing she has become inside

and it burns

The Zephyr Song - RHCP


Décollage - Thievery Corporation

Nous avions trop fumé,
un peu plus que d'habitude
J'ai la tête qui tourne,
décollage dans la lune
Et nous avions passé la nuit
Décollage dans l'espace
Décollage sur la lune
Et quand tout s'est arrêté,
la musique m'a pris
Et je sais que tout va être
Tout va bien avec le son,
j'ai surpassé mes peurs
Et je sais que tu vas être
Décollage dans l'espace
Décollage sur la lune
Décollage dans l'espace
On regarde quelque part
Je sais, j'ai pas envie d'être naïve
Quand j'ouvre les yeux,
le monde est parallèle
et je sais
La foi est un seul œil
Décollage dans l'espace
Décollage sur la lune

Charleston EDM

the past
it's the cat's pajamas

I feel
You feel
soft silk
and skirts
and comfort at last

You deserve it

But you're also at work
for the first time in your life

Don't blow it.
Let the EDM unfold
its chords rip through space and time
teaching it how to bend
and grow

Let space and time
show us how to really go

Your Skin

Your decent boob job

I'll take three

Learn how to bend
The willow teached
A great storm is coming

No need
For the He's At Home

He's Here.

Let's burn him.

Let's burn his dog.

Hunger Strike - Temple of The Dog


I'm Good, I'm Gone. - Lykke Li


Date. Rape.

So I pretty much don't care
if you're female or male
alive or dead

You're a warm body
you could have been anyone

Empty dream
Stretching its wings.

It . Has a need.
And will satisfy an emptiness inside
from you.
Finding the center.
Of you.

Chew it through.
Hours it dreamed of this moment.
Hours it wondered what it would be like.

To destroy you.

And it tears space
and time
and leaves tears
of cold black darkness

And I blame you.

My teeth bite your skin
and your blood runs black dead and dry
this is my design
I feel so alive
I want you so bad
Nothing will stop my hunger
Nothing denied
and Prey
burning bright
in the forests of the night

Hammer and Egg sandwich
Don't want blue eyes.
Want black eyes.

Shatter you into fragments of jade
like an egg shaped geode smashed against the desert

What immortal hand or eye
could frame thy fearful symmetry
What immortal hand or eye
copped a feel.

And I blame you.

It's alright
trust me
You know me
You've met me
Nothing …

L7 / NBK



In the beginning
the earth was without form
and so too space
and time

And then
we began to learn.

The darkness before
and the criss cross paths of those against
Were like black waves
on a quiet, open , holy
without edge

And then there was light

But how? Why? Not by chance
because chance has nothing in and
of itself

Which is to say
Chance is a nonentity, enough.
just argue from the reverse.
The constants, laws, and model
perhaps one out of billions
simply matched

we simply landed here
in the habitable zone
and there you were
and here I am

So Happy Birthday

I am like the man
who having lived in the desert
his whole life

becomes an expert
in water
and knows its molecular weight
the degree between interpolar bond
the spatial properties
as a function of entropy
and enthalpy
surface tension

But never drank a single drop

So which word? Which thought?
like a woman
from the Piraha
near the Maici

A mura

the rose
and thorn



The Secret Gift of Lebanese Kitty

I am a liar
there is no disguise
I work as a shadow
in a dying office

Everything I do adds to nothing
and in facing the task of writing
I threw up
the taste of vomit in my mouth
works to elevate me
just enough to bring me down

And so I relate
in the only way I know how
the gift that was given
and my humble thanks

For once there was a film
named the Secret Life of Walter Mitty
and a person who wanted me to see it
that was truly a friend

And I cut it down
because I was high
and I knew that if she trusted in me
she would fall with me
and maybe I was just not used to being high
because it was the first time in 15 years

But I attacked this beautiful film
and left it , like parts falling from a car
stranded by the side of the road

The gift of gold
from a lebanese woman

And tonight, even if by symmetry
I happened upon it
and realized
just how good hearted it was
and how sweet the gift
and the giver

And I free myself from myself for just a moment
and realize how thankful I am
that you were…

Hand Job - Garfunkel and Oates


Stand or Fall - The Fixx


Food and Water

Food and water
are essential to life

One without the other
is hard to find

Food can be caught

It can radiate down
touching your skin
turning it brown

Water can take any form
like the wonder twins

Salt and clear
fresh and clean
It grows on you

And it's free

And the people of the earth stood waiting
Can you hear me?

That piece of bread
caught their food stare

and one by one
their eyes opened
as the bread
became a festival

And then there was a fish
who split
and it's tuna clubs

Hey Sandwich Artist
Fill these bags
we have to make our way back into the mountains

We all made a run
for food and water

Eastern Daylight Time
floating endlessly
we become mice
we break the speed of sound

And slam into a sandwich
and drink like dwarves
and clean up afterward

And then we're ready to go

Lyle Lovett - North Dakota


No Quarter

We wake in the middle of the forest
all silent
except the sound
of wildlife in the distance

The midnight sex
in tents

We became slowly aware
of our breath
in the cold

We felt safe
even though
we were in many ways


Pressed against each other like ghosts
in a grey midnight 1960's talk show
And sing by the fire
that grew so low
We sang songs
and told stories
and then went, one by one

to a place where we could be alone

Sometime before dawn
it rained
embers dying from red to black
winnowing into smoke and steam
the fire vanished into the night

The memories of our bond
a secret smile
we sometimes share
Best friends forever

And we've gone through life now,
you and I

The years strip away
the different awards

And we return
to the forest

If only in our minds.

I close my eyes
and feel the damp ground
my fingers pressed into
soft wet resistance

The moss

You and I
If but for a moment
in between
the dawn and dark of night

I give you no quarter

I tear into you…

Pink Nightmares - Infected Mushroom


It feels so good

I saw
the man running
from the police

I heard the bullet
crack the sky
through the leech

That burrowed black
into the officer's skull

Like a lie
or a piece of vomit

That felt so good
coming out of my throat
or was it my nose

Please don't hold it against me
That I sometimes pray

For America

Or that I throw up

It feels so good
to stick my

my throat

Lights - Ellie Goulding


Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine/ The Postal Service

Am thinking it's a sign
that the freckles in our eyes
are mirror images and when we kiss
they're perfectly aligned

And I
Have to speculate
that God himself did make us
into corresponding shapes
like puzzle pieces from the clay

And true
It may seem like a stretch
But it's thoughts like this that catch
my troubled head when you're away
When I am missing you to death

You are out there on the road
For several weeks of shows
And when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home.

They will see us waving from such great heights
Come down now, they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
Come down now
But we'll stay.

tried my best to leave
this all on your machine
But the persistent beat
ounded thin upon listening

And that
Frankly will not fly
You'll hear the shrillest highs
and lowest lows with the windows down
When this is guiding you home

A Personal Thought on Netanyahu's Address To Congress

I listened to Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to congress today. I caught it on a TV installed in the lobby of a dialysis clinic, and on the radio, and where I could. It could be said that I caught most of it.

At first, I was simply interested in whether or not he would reveal secret elements of sensitive intelligence - the idea that a Presiding officer of another country is brought to our country to give a talk on such a sensitive topic as Iranian disarmament - without first being invited by the White House - is a strange thing for us , as Americans. It seemed as if those that invited him were interested in playing politics with intelligence data.

For me, that brought back bad memories. There was a theological-conservative group within a group that helped bring my country to war without justification - who addressed the United Nations with falsified data... that came to mind. Then there was the moment at which our sitting president said that the country we are to fight, has nuclear …



I put together
different things
that dull the pain
help me to see
even if blind
the random firing of my brain
sparks behind my eyelids

My life in War.

Conflict not between the fire
and the flame
but that which was once one
for Abraham
and voices come

I am a veteran
of a thousand

Voices play
within my head.
Stars Songs Faces.


I think back to when
my mother said
something that no longer means
what it did

And it's alright to look
To dream

If voices call you home
You must go on
into the cosmos
You are billion year old carbon

I think forward to when
are completed before written

And the entire history of you
flashes before my eyes

Calling down
Against Machine.

My choice of weapon
well placed
cool in hand


Perhaps an illusion of safe.
But it brings
an image
of beautiful Chevrolet
the still small word
And people from 1956
who come to visit
and stay

The war not far from their mind.
And won.

And shine
or in …


Four kids
walk asynchronous step
across a rain desert

The first wears a shirt that says
Laziness is not a disease
It's my hobby

The second, walking through the dust
reminds you of the little rascals
but you're not sure which one

The third and fourth
have invented names
for each other

And they notice
their steps
leave indelible footprints
in the ground

And walk carefully out of step
around the neighborhood

Tracing a giant picture
of something

When you see them
you get the feeling
they're involved in deep mischief

Not just staring at a phone

And that they have within their group
secret words they can type into google
that , when you press "I'm feeling lucky"
result in things
google gravity
and do a barrell roll

But that they decided, finally, to walk away from the thing that was making them
something less than human

And now they are walking
like soldiers across a bridge

All over the streets and open spaces where we live
as it turns out


Elastic Heart