Four kids
walk asynchronous step
across a rain desert

The first wears a shirt that says
Laziness is not a disease
It's my hobby

The second, walking through the dust
reminds you of the little rascals
but you're not sure which one

The third and fourth
have invented names
for each other

And they notice
their steps
leave indelible footprints
in the ground

And walk carefully out of step
around the neighborhood

Tracing a giant picture
of something

When you see them
you get the feeling
they're involved in deep mischief

Not just staring at a phone

And that they have within their group
secret words they can type into google
that , when you press "I'm feeling lucky"
result in things
google gravity
and do a barrell roll

But that they decided, finally, to walk away from the thing that was making them
something less than human

And now they are walking
like soldiers across a bridge

All over the streets and open spaces where we live
as it turns out

They're drawing something
that can only be seen
by drones

And people looking at us
from outer space