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The State of the Republican Party

The Republican party is dying. The key issue that is dividing and destroying the Republican party - is the issue of lobbyism. The modern GOP is a neo liberal institution whose focus is primarily on welfare for the wealthy and the institutionalization of corporate lobbyism. This is no different than the Whig party and the issue of slavery in the 1850's. An issue that destroyed the party itself. The candidates tell the story. If you do not believe this, take a look at their front runner. Why should a candidate have to struggle, to validate the fact that he listens to his own constituency and does what they tell him to do? Governor Mitt Romney is struggling to attempt to explain what is effectively an independent resume - essentially incorrupt, his is a record of application of what his constituency wanted at any given time, during his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts. Romney is now firmly in the grip of a lobbyist-influenced primary process where , instead of appealing to…

Did I Bore You ? I Didn't Mean to Bore You..

Hopefully you're not too bored today when you see the market open and tank your stock on low trading volume. As a member of OWS, I am adivising you that unless you're a bear, it's probably not a good idea to sell off today. Trading volume is traditionally pretty low around about this time of year. If the market volume is high, today - you might be in trouble. The market is susceptible to microtrading problems. It's going to look pretty ugly, here in about an hour... In case you missed it, over the weekend the police walked up to people who were simply sitting down, and talking*. And they pepper sprayed them in the face at point blank range. I guess this would be pretty wild, to hear - unless of course, it's those OWS people. Right? They probably deserved it, huh? If you're still one of the few people in the United States that thinks they're bozos, guess what....we're bozos with money. And that will be more than I can say for you, after today , Mrs…

Senator's Thoughts on Occupy Wall Street


Final Thoughts on Five or More

A while back I wrote that I see certain aspects of life, in the game five or more. Very specific aspects, to be sure. I don't see any grand meaning. But what I wrote then, was that it was a way to explore the pointlessness of life. Five or more is a logic game that always deals down more colors - a bit like beJeweled - the board will always fill up. The specific aspect that I saw, was the way our human Telomere deals with genetic replication - and how eventually the error encoding that occurs as a result of breakage - overwhelms us. That which breaks off, deals down onto our board a very final situation. Nobody , to date - has cheated death. Of course, Ingmar Bergman thinks that Death plays chess. I think he plays five or's a damned annoying game. For a while, I played it to explore the idea. After all, it's a pretty pointless game. Why not spend time figuring out why one would even play? I think I have finally found the answer. Five or More - can …

Occupy Wall Street - The Good Guys

Today is a day of mass action in the OWS movement. This is what's going on: In Las Vegas - a large camp of the OWS movement is now sponsoring workshops for people who are underwater in their mortgages. They have also sought, and received permits for mass demonstration. In Seattle - 84 year old Dorli Rainey showed up as part of a peaceful, well organized protest of unfair practice and corruption. She planned to petition the government in first amendment free speech assembly, for redress. She received a response from our government - who seems to focus on passing laws to protect corporations and wealthy individuals. She was pepper sprayed in the face. The police were, in face, so apparently worried about the threat that this aged woman represents - that they pepper sprayed her in the face. They used so much chemical that it's dripping off her head. This is what she looked like, a few moments before. In Philadelphia - A peaceful protest there has grown to large propo…

My Brain is the Weakest Club in The Bag...

A famous professional golfer once said "My brain is the weakest club in my bag". This is the case for Tiger, on his latest 7 and 6 loss in the president's cup. When I wrote about Tiger, and how he is on a comeback - I may have made a mistake. The cat has a great looking swing - but in his last match he put the ball in all the wrong places. And that's mental error that, in match play - can bury you. The president's cup will go on for three more days, and if Tiger continues to throw the ball down the wrong side of the slope - it's his fault. He might shine at the practice Tee, but shotmaking depends on good strategy and for a difficult course such as the one they're playing - he can't afford to put the ball on the wrong side of the slope. You just can't keep playing a game of up and down, in match play. Half the time the match doesn't even hole out. Woods is at his best when he is pushing his own envelope. It is there that he can play …

The Success of Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is an amazing success, and it's just getting started. When a law was passed that prohibited them from stealing from their customers, OWS created the Banxodus project - that helped nearly a million people to move their accounts from the banks who decided that they would simply charge us all five dollars a month for it. The banks relented. The OWS movement has now eclipsed the TEA party, and many of those who participated in the Ron Paul Movement are now solidly aligned with OWS. So much so, that OWS made a statement that explicitly banned the Ron Paul folks from flacking their candidate on the website. But that's a big deal, because Ron Paul - like Howard Dean - are patriots. They're leaders who speak truth to power. And for us to have moved on from the TEA party - is for us, as a country - to have moved on from the fringe group that transformed our Uncle Sam - into a scared person at his door - afraid to answer for the bill collector. The August …

A Day in the Life

Let's recap the news today. A wealthy ex-football coach that spent ten years shoving his penis into the asses of small boys - now enjoys a front page news article that says he's innocent. The wealthy mayor of New York claimed that the clean, peaceful and organized camps in New York were a threat to the public. And this man, who founded a news service himself - blocked all reporters and journalists from reporting on the incident. In other news, the top executives of a major mortgage firm - that was responsible for creating derivatives that crashed the international financial system in 2008 - are going to get 33 million dollars each, as bonus pay this year. Also, Italy and Greece - brought to you courtesy of Goldman Sachs - are crashing the international currency market . The financial executives of Goldman Sachs helped Greece to pretend that they weren't in debt. This theft by deception. The 99 and 1 issue isn't about grabbing your 401k from you. You can kee…

I am the one percent

I am the one percent
I am distressed by the monied corruption of democracy
I don't enjoy news media entertainment
I am willing to pay my share

I want good , clean schools
a public healthcare system that mirrors Britain
roads that are safe to drive upon
and regulations against corruption

I stand for smart government
not simply eliminating it
I was once a libertarian
now I am a democrat

I am tired of dog and pony shows
and talking heads on TV
I want America to be strong
the home of the free

I am the one percent
And I am happy to say
I stand with Occupy Wall Street

I am the one percent
The News Media Entertainment
can try all the like to pretend
But like the 99
I stand against
the monied corruption of democracy

There are no advertisements here
Just me
and I stand with you

Don't leave until they wake up
Don't quit until it gets better
Don't give up
Telling the truth is an act of a patriot
You are the reason we are free
I am the one percent
I am anonymous
I am Scott Olsen


Tom's Diner - Suzanne Vega/DNA


Curiosity, and Rover

If you've been reading me for a while, you know that one thing I really hate, are Bush Republicans. About six months ago I got a mail from one of my Bush Republican relatives (yes, I still love her, but no, I do not forgive her) who wrote that "Obama is killing NASA...rise up and fight against OBAMA". Anything that kills scientific exploration should be read with an open mind. Sure, there are alot of Bush Republicans that just don't understand science. There's even a Bush Republican presidential candidate who can't figure out which agency he wants to cut, and counts to three like this "One, two... uh. durr... Oops. " Yea. National spotlight on that guy, please? Right? But by and large Science is apolitical, so whenever anyone talks about killing off scientific exploration you have to kind of be a bit like me, and be independent about it. I was more than willing to hear what evil Obama was going to lay down. Then, I heard the mass-re-emailed m…

Tiger Woods V 2.0

Tiger Woods, as a golfer - is about excellence. The sport is trying. Many who attempt golf , give up. The few souls left who actually play the game consider it with respect. Golf tests you in three ways - mental, spiritual, and physical. The physical element can be conditioned fairly straightforwardly. Many who play, are not in the best physical shape. But a minimum level of muscular coordination and strength is required for shotmaking - and the muscle memory you need, can be won from the practice Tee. In this regard, one should remember - that practice does not make perfect. You can easily ingrain error on the practice tee. When at the tee, you should play as if you are on the course. Perfect practice makes perfect. The mental element of the test, involves calculation. You resolve windspeed, direction, green conditions, yardage and your own distances against loft, clubhead speed, swingshape and lie. The game requires you to be alert: to think about how a putt will break, o…

How to Make Money Writing Poetry

Your first step, as a poet
is to realize
that everything you write
or create
or design
or animate
is part of your epic poem
that will sell ten million copies
each alike
in shape and form
and then , as surely they will
upon inspection
the myriad differences between each one
will be carefully noted
by people who never buy books
and these differences, when examined closely
will multiply
and pay royalties
to learn
grow and play
and your equation will be complete

the thing you described
that everyone knows
in a way that no one can understand
will then, finally be at home
with everyone
than the thing that no one has ever understood before
in a way that everyone can understand
is the ground
and the ocean
the fire
the water
the air
life unfolding
and you will have made that journey
past birth

to where you began
and you will know it for the very first time

A stranger in a strange land
who keeps all his money
in a big brown bag
inside the zoo

The Birth and Death of the Day - Explosions in the Sky


Zephyr Song - RHCP


A Question for My Readers

I know I don't often dialogue with my readers - many like to read this blog standalone. It isn't a great forum for back and forth arguments in the comments thread. I was hoping, however.. that I could ask you a question.

Is there a place in Atlanta, where I could go to a sex addicts group meeting? Especially one that has Female members?

Thanks in advance!


If you believe that Occupy Wall Stret is a bunch of losers, that are really wasting their time and doing nothing for you. Think again. In direct response to pressure from Occupy Wall Street, and the upcoming Bankxodus program - in which a mass exodus of Bank of America accountholders , today, Bank of America - and Suntrust - both retreated from charging the sneaky 5.00 per month fee for use of their Debit card. Although Occupy Wall Street will be talked about endlessly - by some people - as a movement with abstract goals .. the truth is , that the movement has very practical goals indeed. And one of them, was and is simply - to stop the monied corruption of democracy. When laws are passed that prohibit sneaky fees from being used against people - and a bank then simply decides to go ahead and dunne the population outright. It's a good idea to say, simply. No way. That's not going to fly with us. And trust me, when you are speaking truth to power, and stopping that kin…