Final Thoughts on Five or More

A while back I wrote that I see certain aspects of life, in the game five or more. Very specific aspects, to be sure. I don't see any grand meaning.

But what I wrote then, was that it was a way to explore the pointlessness of life. Five or more is a logic game that always deals down more colors - a bit like beJeweled - the board will always fill up. The specific aspect that I saw, was the way our human Telomere deals with genetic replication - and how eventually the error encoding that occurs as a result of breakage - overwhelms us. That which breaks off, deals down onto our board a very final situation. Nobody , to date - has cheated death.

Of course, Ingmar Bergman thinks that Death plays chess. I think he plays five or's a damned annoying game.

For a while, I played it to explore the idea. After all, it's a pretty pointless game. Why not spend time figuring out why one would even play?

I think I have finally found the answer.

Five or More - can only be won - by taking as many complete color combinations that you possibly can. A slight variation - that is, trying to get bigger and more complete color combinations - can have disastrous results. Say you're being dealt red, blue, and green - and your object is to line up red to remove it. You have four red, and two more are dealt. If you take one of the two and rotate it into the four - you'll remove a row and get a chance to move again. But if you move one of the two into a pattern with four, so that you fly the fifth into place. You will remove six.

Sometimes you can do that. But I have found that if you can take as many complete combinations as you can. That is, if you have six possible but not taking the five, will add more colors of different type that will cause more moves - then you need to take the more immediate option. I played different styles and found that if you can get it while you can, you're going to be better off.

If you are playing life to win the big lottery - and nothing else will make you happy - then you may be doing what , in the game of five or more - amounts to a losing strategy. I know I'm thinking about how this sort of relates to life from a biological standpoint - but how you control your life, is really how you control yourself. I am sort of thinking of this, from the standpoint of - what does your body really want to do? Going only for the big win..? Sometimes it does this. It goes all out for the win - it pushes itself. Sometimes, your body just tries to be clean and orderly and nice and just get the job done.

I feel the lesson of five or more , is that taking those chances to do nice things - whenever and wherever you can - is what will power a clean life. Sure, you might win the lottery. That would be great. But you should keep your focus on being able to do the things you can do.

Give a little bit. Of your life. Give a little bit of your love.