A Day in the Life

Let's recap the news today. A wealthy ex-football coach that spent ten years shoving his penis into the asses of small boys - now enjoys a front page news article that says he's innocent. The wealthy mayor of New York claimed that the clean, peaceful and organized camps in New York were a threat to the public. And this man, who founded a news service himself - blocked all reporters and journalists from reporting on the incident.

In other news, the top executives of a major mortgage firm - that was responsible for creating derivatives that crashed the international financial system in 2008 - are going to get 33 million dollars each, as bonus pay this year. Also, Italy and Greece - brought to you courtesy of Goldman Sachs - are crashing the international currency market . The financial executives of Goldman Sachs helped Greece to pretend that they weren't in debt. This theft by deception.

The 99 and 1 issue isn't about grabbing your 401k from you. You can keep it. After all, I've got something like that as well (I keep a managed stock fund) - and I fully intend to keep mine. 99 and 1 is not about redistribution of wealth.

The Communism thing failed. As Ian Shoales once said, Students and workers don't mix.

99 and 1 , is really about who you are. The people who are out there that pretend America can continue on in its current form - are deluding themselves. America is rotting from the inside. I'm not poor. I work hard. Really hard. So do you.

But the only answer to fixing what is broken, is revolution. Nothing else. TEA party people look upon the sprawling, ineffectual facade of bureaucratic nothingness eating up our country. Occupy Wall Street sees the monied corruption of democracy. Both are correct. Both deserve to have their day. And the fundamental principle - the fundamental action by which that is accomplished - is democracy itself. That is what is at stake.

Of course, that story doesn't sell advertising. A major retailer this year - is going to start their black friday sale at 12 midnight. This means that all of its employees will be forced to sleep through thanksgiving, and not spend it with their family. The decision this large corporation is making, has an impact. And in modern news media entertainment - they get to choose how their message is delivered. They have extraordinary control over the presentation and style of the supposedly factual reporting. So there is no story on the front page that says, today - Target has decided that none of their employees are going to celebrate Thanksgiving. After all, that wouldn't sell ads.

And the revolution isn't about a backlash against advertising. It's about the forces that would destroy who we are. It's about saying no. Just. No. I'm the one percent. And I'm for revolution. I support occupy Wall Street.

And I'm doing it for a very, very simple reason. It makes good business sense. Lets start from the beginning again. Let's re-imagine our country. What if the news read like this..

On page two, an old guy who's sticking his penis into the ass of young boys is now in prison and not out on bail. The big execs who messed up the financial markets are not employed, but a majority of americans are. They're also wealthy. The laws that were made for them - protect them against corporate corruption. The employees of a major big box retailer don't even make the front page - because their Thanksgiving will happen traditionally - no one will be forced to sleep through the holiday simply because the store wants to open at midnight. This also means that people who are enjoying the holiday with their friends and family, won't have to wake up at midnight to go shopping. But that doesn't even make the papers -because it's so common sense.

And in New York. There's no one in the park except for happy people. No thousands of people in every major city in the US. No people in Oakland. New York. LA. They're all working a four day work week, 36 hours. And like Germany, we take Fridays off.

Sound like fun?