Occupy Wall Street - The Good Guys

Today is a day of mass action in the OWS movement. This is what's going on:

In Las Vegas - a large camp of the OWS movement is now sponsoring workshops for people who are underwater in their mortgages. They have also sought, and received permits for mass demonstration.

In Seattle - 84 year old Dorli Rainey showed up as part of a peaceful, well organized protest of unfair practice and corruption. She planned to petition the government in first amendment free speech assembly, for redress. She received a response from our government - who seems to focus on passing laws to protect corporations and wealthy individuals. She was pepper sprayed in the face. The police were, in face, so apparently worried about the threat that this aged woman represents - that they pepper sprayed her in the face. They used so much chemical that it's dripping off her head. This is what she looked like, a few moments before.

In Philadelphia - A peaceful protest there has grown to large proportion. The mayor has sent out signs warning that a renovation is going to take place, and that the protestors must clear out - despite the fact that they have not yet selected a contractor.

In Columbia, South Carolina - Hundreds of people were arrested for protesting. The governor executed the order, because .. quote " I was tired of seeing sleeping bags" ..

In Boston, Massachusetts - Hundreds gathered . A judge upheld an order that stated the protestors cannot be removed unless an emergency is declared, be it fire , or otherwise.

In California, three large cities saw full protest - LA, San Diego, and SF. In addition, Oakland protestors gathered in greater number. Students from Cal, and many other Universities such as Merced - joined the protest. As is the case, these protests are rigorously peaceful in nature. 74 people have been arrested so far .. the majority for "resisting arrest" or "obstructing a police officer". A sign was held that said "Money for schools and education, not for banks and corporations."

In Indiana, the selfsame concerted effort as seen in other states and cities - was attempted today. Local government gave the protestors 24 hours to clear out. They're not doing it.

In London, England - Protestors camped near St. Paul's cathedral. The police are saying that such protest constitutes an "unlawful obstruction" of the ... sidewalk.

It seems clear to me that the people who are peacefully protesting against the rampant corruption that exists in our society - are doing so in an orderly fashion. The response , by all accounts - is a concerted effort - dare I even say coordinated to shut down the movement. Why?

Certainly from a News Media Entertainment perspective -it's hard to sell advertising, when you have to cover this story. But who benefits, from corruption? It is clear that the camps not being dispersed because corruption suddenly went away overnight. Someone benefits from having things just as they are. Who? Why not simply end the problem... What is keeping leaders from either party - in any of the debates... from discussing these protests?

A few legislators connected with the movement. We recently saw the rise of a bill , backed by the movement - and sponsored by a clear-thinking congressman - to allow us all to move our money more easily from one bank to another. The procedures and methods that exist, are unnecessarily byzantine. Banks use these procedures to discourage people from moving their accounts. We should be free to move where we please.

This includes, sitting in a park. The fact that these protests are clean, organized and rigorously nonviolent - indicates clearly that the response to shut them down is more about the threat they pose in legal reform and cleanup of corruption - than any supposed health or safety concern.

So, let's think for a minute. Who's the good guy. And who's the bad guy. There's a person standing on the sidewalk. And there's a guy who wants him to be in prison, and hits him with pepper spray in the face. Because he's obstructing the sidewalk.

The vast majority of all people see the movement as a good thing. So , which allegiance can the person, striking the other man down? Perhaps the time has come to ask. Which one is the good guy? The peaceful one. Or the one hitting someone.

I was amused at some of the failed entertainers who try to pass themselves off as Talk Show hosts. In between their commercials for sub-standard quality products, these denizens of the A.M. band were vilefying the protestors. Why?

Both the police officer, who strikes down these people. And the man in the Talk Show - are being paid to say whatever their boss wants them to say. Perhaps they see the people trying to let us all know that democracy still exists... as a form of an attack against what they love about our country.

So it's easy to see the difference between the good guys, and the bad guys. To stand up against corruption. To speak truth to power. This is an idea whose time has come. And for anyone, anywhere - to say that their duty to their job, or to whomever is telling them what to think and say - that violates their own moral and ethical sense. They are betraying our country, and who we are. They're the bad guys.

We're the good guys. And we're obstructing the sidewalk. But you can walk around us, if you like. On your way to work. Today.