I am the one percent

I am the one percent
I am distressed by the monied corruption of democracy
I don't enjoy news media entertainment
I am willing to pay my share

I want good , clean schools
a public healthcare system that mirrors Britain
roads that are safe to drive upon
and regulations against corruption

I stand for smart government
not simply eliminating it
I was once a libertarian
now I am a democrat

I am tired of dog and pony shows
and talking heads on TV
I want America to be strong
the home of the free

I am the one percent
And I am happy to say
I stand with Occupy Wall Street

I am the one percent
The News Media Entertainment
can try all the like to pretend
But like the 99
I stand against
the monied corruption of democracy

There are no advertisements here
Just me
and I stand with you

Don't leave until they wake up
Don't quit until it gets better
Don't give up
Telling the truth is an act of a patriot
You are the reason we are free
I am the one percent
I am anonymous
I am Scott Olsen

I stand for freedom
I stand for justice
I stand for truth
I stand for you

And I am rich enough to afford
to pay my share

The talking heads want to keep things as they are
I stand for change
I stand for things getting better

I believe in the free market
And I have made my wealth
Through simple hard work

It is 10:53 p.m. in my office
And I have just read about Oakland

What is my one demand?
You can start by trying to understand
Group dynamics in assembly
And remember
it's not about my demands, in the end
although I pray for the death of lobbyism
and am disgusted by news media entertainment

It's about all of us
It's about America
and what it means
to live in the land of the free

By being brave.
Stand against the Police.
And recreate democracy

I am not talk radio
I am not news media entertainment
I am not lobbyism
I am not an email talking point
I am not a social network

I am taking apart the old, and the dead
tearing up the rotting flesh
of the ancient machines
that still this day roll across our land
dark metal and decayed bone
like cyborg zombies

that dine on human brains