If you believe that Occupy Wall Stret is a bunch of losers, that are really wasting their time and doing nothing for you. Think again.

In direct response to pressure from Occupy Wall Street, and the upcoming Bankxodus program - in which a mass exodus of Bank of America accountholders , today, Bank of America - and Suntrust - both retreated from charging the sneaky 5.00 per month fee for use of their Debit card. Although Occupy Wall Street will be talked about endlessly - by some people - as a movement with abstract goals .. the truth is , that the movement has very practical goals indeed. And one of them, was and is simply - to stop the monied corruption of democracy. When laws are passed that prohibit sneaky fees from being used against people - and a bank then simply decides to go ahead and dunne the population outright. It's a good idea to say, simply. No way. That's not going to fly with us.

And trust me, when you are speaking truth to power, and stopping that kind of corruption - you have to say it loud. Every voice helps. And to be certain, the Bank's Marketing Departments are all going to tell you that it was their customers who told them this. This is because, the people who power Occupy Wall Street - are customers of the big banks. They are speaking for 99 percent of the population of America. The fat cats who would have made a profit off the 5.00 per month fee added on to your debit card... in a corrupt democracy, would have been the ones who would have been heard - were it not for their voices and their accounts - rapidly moving away from BofA.

This might not seem like much, but there are very few things in the world that result in a direct, 60.00 per year benefit to me. I'm pretty happy with the results. Bear in mind, focus needs to be kept on a piece of legislation that makes it very, very easy to switch banks. That would save alot of time and money. Most of your money can be transferred electronically. You'd want to be able to switch banks easily - this was another thing the Occupy movement chose to back and it's moving through congress now. Support it.

One of the things that Occupy has to remember, is that there are no sacred cows. Derivatives, double dealing, bank fee subterfuge -are all members of a class of activity that need regulation - even if their motive and intent is positive.

Is there anyone out there who wants to complain that they don't have another bank fee to pay? Do tell.