Did I Bore You ? I Didn't Mean to Bore You..

Hopefully you're not too bored today when you see the market open and tank your stock on low trading volume. As a member of OWS, I am adivising you that unless you're a bear, it's probably not a good idea to sell off today. Trading volume is traditionally pretty low around about this time of year. If the market volume is high, today - you might be in trouble. The market is susceptible to microtrading problems. It's going to look pretty ugly, here in about an hour...

In case you missed it, over the weekend the police walked up to people who were simply sitting down, and talking*. And they pepper sprayed them in the face at point blank range. I guess this would be pretty wild, to hear - unless of course, it's those OWS people. Right? They probably deserved it, huh? If you're still one of the few people in the United States that thinks they're bozos, guess what....we're bozos with money. And that will be more than I can say for you, after today , Mrs. 401k.

Over the weekend, we got a glimpse of what the monied corruption of democracy looks like. The people who sat down with each other, didn't try to work together. They just postured for fundraising, then went off to raise more funds.

The last congress was elected in an unprecedented wave of corporate lobbyism. And we - all of us - are now running a record low disapproval rating of congress - there is only a 9% approval rating of congress.

What happens next? I bet, if you check the stock index your 401k is tied to - you'll have a little bit of excitement. That's what happens next.

It might have been more fun, in my the-government-doesn't-pepperspray-innocent-people-just-sitting-down-and-talking-fantasy-world , to have had the market indices open in positive territory - as they have in the past few months , back when you were ignoring OWS, and our government-was-hard-at-work-in-supercommittee-finding-ways-to-work-together.... Yeah. We would have had the people we paid to represent us, show up and do their job. I know. I've heard it before. You do it every monday. Not too exciting, tb..

Sorry if I bored you. I didn't mean to bore you.

* My first Google+ link! Woo hoo! This is a link to an article posted by Tim O'Reilly, publisher of the O'Reilly guides. Keep up the good work, Tim!