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Leyenda - Albeniz/ Andres Segovia


Teresa Six Twelve

It's the unutterable beauty
of the California skyline
the lights of LA county
like Diamonds in the night

Miss Teresa drives a 944
her catsuit tight to her pores
she has stars on her shoulder
cool marble floors

I of course wear a hideous mask
a dog with strange dark teeth
I read paperback novels
and work until I fall asleep

And then there is you
when I close my eyes
in the space between the dying light
and morning wood
lost and bright eyed
moving through
space and time

Do not ask
What place is this?
Where are we?
The time will come when we ask the conductor

And the grass will cover all

I was once advised
the best place to cry

Is in the desert
so this is where I lid my eyes
and the horizon blurs
and the drops fall to burn
this is where I am
the slight return

I love you
I have always loved you
Voodo Child

The two people
walking hand in hand
To die

They could be us
They could be your island


One day you will tell me of Kuwait
and the oil fires at first light
and I will hold yo…

Mega Remix MEP by TheHorseGrrl

Your daughter works on a mmusic video for seven months, and you find that the lyrics start off with "sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me".
les gentille petite filles vont au paradis - les autres, la ou elles veulent :)

Why Reform was Important to Me.

I suppose, I should relate why reform has been such an important topic for me here. It's really about someone I care about.

I have an employee that desperately needs healthcare but has been screwed over by the insurance companies for years. And years, and years. I write the check for the premiums, and I've not been able to justify paying it. So it hits me on two counts. First, that I'm too cheap to pay this kind of premium, which bothers me. Second, she's not getting the care she needs.

It's clear that the insurance companies are treating me from an actuarial perspective. I can appreciate that. However pre existing conditions are simple statistical entities. Probabilities. Unlike the trend, she's borne her medical condition well and she's a good employee. She works hard, and she's very healthy. A congenital problem caused her to have an issue , a blood vessel rupture in her brain. The insurance companies simply used her as a number and not as a person…

Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie and the Banshees


Tomorrow's Health Care Reform Ruling

Those who would live by the crystal ball must always remember that they should be happy to be fed a diet of broken glass.

The Supreme Court, tomorrow, will rule on healthcare reform. They will in all likelihood strike down the Individual Mandate. What we don't know is what else they'll hit.

But the broader question still stands. Who are we, as a society? Do we cheer, like the citizens of Panem, over someone dying in the hospital or dead, because they have no coverage? Are we, as the only first world nation - who pays nearly three to six times more per person, and ranking 40th in the world, in terms of healthcare - someone who wants to defeat reform ? A country that is the only first world country who has no such reforms?

Get sick in France. You get paid vacation. Get sick in Germany. You get affordable healthcare. Get sick in England, and the doctor is paid to get you well. The better you are in health, the bigger his bonus.

Get sick in America...if you do get care at all yo…

Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush


A Few Simple Arguments About Existence

Human Beings Are Not Corporations
Corporations Cannot Be Made Into Friends
Like is the Opposite of Dislike
Dislike is the Opposite of Like
Form Follows Function
Avoid Overexposure to the Sun

Never Mention Being on a Diet
Remember that all News is Biased

Give to Charity as Much as You Can
This includes old Clothes and Toys and Things You Don't Use

Have Your Children Pay for All of their Auto Insurance
Read the Bill of Rights

Take A Brisk Walk for 30 Minutes Each Day
Write a Living Will
Introduce Yourself to the Bank Manager. It's important
that he or she gets to know you personally.

Rekindle Old Friendships
Keep your Pets Clean

Fight Entropy
Stop a while and visit with me
and leave flowers

When you can

Angel - Massive Attack/Sucker Punch [AMV]


Teresa 10

From the sea
hair tight
salt upon skin
she rose
a perfect ten

To catch a frisbee
that was thrown
just over the head
of a dog
that leapt in the air

and fur
falling into the dirt

we wait
the return

and the earth turns

so here's a secret
just in case you didn't know

If you've ever watched men
watching a ball game

you may observe
that men can be like dogs
attracted by objects
in motion

So now
Here I stand alone
on a beach
waiting for the throw
from a ten out of a score
of a possible nine

till my wet fur froze
and human voices wake us
from all we see or seem

happy simply to be
and to be here

wouldn't that be something?

Wings for Marie - Tool

You believed ...
You believed in movements none could see.
You believed in me

A passionate spirit
Boundless and open
A light in your eyes

Then immobilized.

Fell at the hands
of those movements
that I wouldn't see
Yet it was you
who prayed for me.

What have I done
To be a son to an angel?
What have I done
To be worthy?

Daylight dims leaving cold fluorescent
Difficult to see in this light
Please forgive this selfish question, but
What am I to say to all these ghouls tonight?

She never told a lie,
... well might have told a lie,
But never lived one.

Didn't have a life,
But surely saved one.

See? I'm alright
Now it's time
to let you go.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex


Part Nine

I suppose I am not really writing to one person
but ten
or maybe thirty

Each new mood
is a new being
rising up to the surface
Each passing sigh
Each moment
a point of war

The top seven fight
just beneath the skin

Scary monsters within
defeated phagocytic beasts
dissolved on the leukocytic tongue
like homemade ice cream
with peaches
and a third of a can
of frozen lemonade

their chemical bond torn and converted
into comfort food

gnu's not unix

Interstella 5, Part Chloe


Teresa, Part Seven

You don't need to feel like you're sixteen
you just need to remember
freedom from disease

Protect your sense of wonder
and fight against the onset
of the slow and imperceptible
downward spiral


Until we sleep

Light of Love - Eric Serra


Teresa , Part Six

Editing yourself is scary
it's a bit like reading everything
in those big letters dripping
Like a title sequence from Science Fiction
Creature Feature

When I think of scary
I think sometimes of staying up late
when I was young
in Florida

I think of the movies that seemed always to take place
in a desert
or somewhere near the beach
where everyone was just a bit too nice
and everything was just a bit too clean
and the creatures would come
and destroy everything

Somehow it always surprised me
Gripping my pillow tight

My TV was a Beige Yellow RCA
A window into the black lagoon

Your TV glowed bright blue
and I held you
in love

Somehow everything seemed right
You and I

Transforming ourselves in that blue light
From what we were
to who we now are

I would be glad of another
I would do it again

A man's reach must exceed his grasp
Else what's a heaven for?

Symmetry - Everynone


We create because we exist because we are
we are because we will be
we will be because we are

I am that I am

Gives forth command
onward to find joy
and peace

But joy remains a puzzle piece
elusive, imperfect.
we point fingers
and try to find names
that fall away
one by one
into lukewarm water
and bits and pieces of stuff
we don't know how to spell
but we will eat

the rest of it is medicine
and the only way to find out
which works

is to simply take it

Which one? the blue pill
or the red pill

If you take the blue pill, you will wake up
you will get out of bed
you will believe whatever you want to believe

But if you take the red pill
you stay in wonderland

and see how deep the rabbit hole goes

inspiration is an experiment
there are no caffeinated fingers flying
across a keyboard
there is no paintbrush

Ceci n'est pas une pipe
no tragedy of images

just this metal cage
and you

let's just see how many times
you will press the lever

let's see how many times
the experim…


A pride of lions
stands happily
in Africa

The patriarch having mastered
politics of survival

His roar shakes the very earth

He sends his lioness to hunt
She will return

With prey
The pride will eat
Cubs will play

What is left
of thomson's gazelle
returns to the earth

Lions cannot purr

but they can nip their cub
on the ear

They wash their golden fur
with long pink tongues
and on such a day
will often recline

And of course
My good fellow
upon occasion enjoy
the occasional snifter

Eyebrows, perhaps

And here is how we survive

In the night, the stormy night
we close our eyes

We're good at breaking hearts
and telling lies

Here is how we survive

We break our heart

Dashing it against the mending wall
leaving the edifice of lies
in pieces

And after the age of thirty we learn
that isolation has a cost
cancer is a verb

And our love becomes
a forge
in which the sinew of the heart glows
with the light of a dying star

Angiogenesis minotaur
at the center of algernon
Where we fight on
function and form

We break our heart
against a wall
we build between each other

Out of razor blades
and dust bunnies in the dark
waiting below our desk
to pounce upon our chest

at night the ice weasels come
but that's ok.
you don't need to be alive
as long as you are still warm

one goes east
one goes west
both from the same winds blown

tis the setting of the sails
and not the gales
that guide men's way to home

blown on the steel breeze



I am not sure if you can really see
the pain is hard to perceive

Think of the thing that makes your knee
Feel how good it feels
to keep tapping your foot
beneath your desk

Multiply that by seven hundred and twelve
then add potato peelers
for your eyelids

Slide down a frozen razor blade
into iodine
then slide
underneath a gas truck
and taste your own blood

but don't forget the piranha
attached to the softest part of you
cutting silver dollar holes in your skin
add the candiru
swimming into you
pulled out by bone

Almost home

Let the blades compact and slice your bones
and skin
until pink , rubbery and white
the flesh turns to sausage

And then you'll be ready
for the one
that goes through your spine
dead solid perfect
hammered slowly
into your neck

Now close your eyes and dream
of a storm
that tears into your grandfather's home

Think of an earthquake
and its tender mercy

To Live and Die
in LA

A Day In The Life - Ryan Scheckler

Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana


Thoughts on Love, Emotions, Desire

From a Forum I read this morning:

A little something I’ve learned about emotions in general. It is counterproductive to make them someone else’s fault and then react accordingly. Nobody makes you feel jealous but you, it’s nobody’s fault that you are angry. These are emotions that you have decided need to be surfaced and aired. Does that mean you can help what you are feeling? Absolutely not. No one can. It means that you can control your reactions to it. You can think deeper about where the emotion is coming from and you can do something to either make it grow into a monster or shrink into a minor little thing that if discussed (or fought about, it happens), will recede into nothing. There is also a sneaky little aspect to this that tends to be more trouble than owning your own emotions. It’s the fact that you are not responsible for your partner’s feelings. Yup, I said it. If both parties are committed to making the relationship work, and nothing is done to intentionally hurt the ot…

Some Housekeeping

A few things you might want to do. First, go to linkedin, and change your password. Yesterday, someone posted a list of 6.5 M passwords to their blog. Yours might be in that list.

Second, there's a virus that happens somewhere around July 9th - it's on a timer. If you have the Trojan - then the url below will not resolve correctly. Note, you're only looking for DNS resolution. No software will be installed from this link - just a website with a single page that will tell you if your DNS resolver is working properly.

Finally, an open note to my readers. Over the past few years, I've set this blog to sleep on several occasions. If you know the secret reason why I chose the name of this blog "Colorless Green Ideas" .. you might understand why this is part of my overall design. I am writing this purely for the fun of writing it, and it's never gotten old. It never will, really. Nevertheless, the Internet shouldn't be a place where …

Dream - Vaya

How To Die, and Other Lessons

A good place to start
is to make it your job
to kill the undead

Vampires will drink your life
Zombies eat your brain
Everything in between
Simply feeds

Like Facebook

The textbook
Says drive a stake through their heart
Shoot them in the head
Double tap
Rule Number One

And while you're at it
Don't let them bite you
That you do not from the earth rise
to return

Dying is an art form
Only the very few actually do it on their own terms
Kind of like Sweden
Except instead of porn
You are born
And the clock starts to unwind
Each part of us falling
Into a roll of the dice
That you today will read

Today is a good day to die

Feel the fear in your enemies eyes
Don't shoot until you see the white

And get out there and kick some ass
Don't return
until you're done

Everyone must at least once to rule the world
Boy or Girl

Keep the best parts of yourself are frozen
in the matrix
that falls from the sky
A valentine
that burns
the tears from your eyes

Then at last you learn
how to…

Paradise - Coldplay