And here is how we survive

In the night, the stormy night
we close our eyes

We're good at breaking hearts
and telling lies

Here is how we survive

We break our heart

Dashing it against the mending wall
leaving the edifice of lies
in pieces

And after the age of thirty we learn
that isolation has a cost
cancer is a verb

And our love becomes
a forge
in which the sinew of the heart glows
with the light of a dying star

Angiogenesis minotaur
at the center of algernon
Where we fight on
function and form

We break our heart
against a wall
we build between each other

Out of razor blades
and dust bunnies in the dark
waiting below our desk
to pounce upon our chest

at night the ice weasels come
but that's ok.
you don't need to be alive
as long as you are still warm

one goes east
one goes west
both from the same winds blown

tis the setting of the sails
and not the gales
that guide men's way to home

blown on the steel breeze