I am not sure if you can really see
the pain is hard to perceive

Think of the thing that makes your knee
Feel how good it feels
to keep tapping your foot
beneath your desk

Multiply that by seven hundred and twelve
then add potato peelers
for your eyelids

Slide down a frozen razor blade
into iodine
then slide
underneath a gas truck
and taste your own blood

but don't forget the piranha
attached to the softest part of you
cutting silver dollar holes in your skin
add the candiru
swimming into you
pulled out by bone

Almost home

Let the blades compact and slice your bones
and skin
until pink , rubbery and white
the flesh turns to sausage

And then you'll be ready
for the one
that goes through your spine
dead solid perfect
hammered slowly
into your neck

Now close your eyes and dream
of a storm
that tears into your grandfather's home

Think of an earthquake
and its tender mercy

To Live and Die
in LA