Some Housekeeping

A few things you might want to do. First, go to linkedin, and change your password. Yesterday, someone posted a list of 6.5 M passwords to their blog. Yours might be in that list.

Second, there's a virus that happens somewhere around July 9th - it's on a timer. If you have the Trojan - then the url below will not resolve correctly. Note, you're only looking for DNS resolution. No software will be installed from this link - just a website with a single page that will tell you if your DNS resolver is working properly.

Finally, an open note to my readers. Over the past few years, I've set this blog to sleep on several occasions. If you know the secret reason why I chose the name of this blog "Colorless Green Ideas" .. you might understand why this is part of my overall design. I am writing this purely for the fun of writing it, and it's never gotten old. It never will, really. Nevertheless, the Internet shouldn't be a place where you groove your interaction into two or three sites. If you're running Internet explorer, hit control-B. What do you see?

You should be looking all over for different ideas, content, research, art, and the like. I appreciate you, as a reader - so I'm trying to let you know that I am considering shutting the blog down. It usually doesn't last forever.

My departure from the life of ideas is almost always like someone who is exhausted, laying their head down on their desk to sleep and dreaming of nothing but 175 mph wind and rain, only to be awakened by a colleague that is telling them to get up and get back to work.

But, just so you know...