How To Die, and Other Lessons

A good place to start
is to make it your job
to kill the undead

Vampires will drink your life
Zombies eat your brain
Everything in between
Simply feeds

Like Facebook

The textbook
Says drive a stake through their heart
Shoot them in the head
Double tap
Rule Number One

And while you're at it
Don't let them bite you
That you do not from the earth rise
to return

Dying is an art form
Only the very few actually do it on their own terms
Kind of like Sweden
Except instead of porn
You are born
And the clock starts to unwind
Each part of us falling
Into a roll of the dice
That you today will read

Today is a good day to die

Feel the fear in your enemies eyes
Don't shoot until you see the white

And get out there and kick some ass
Don't return
until you're done

Everyone must at least once to rule the world
Boy or Girl

Keep the best parts of yourself are frozen
in the matrix
that falls from the sky
A valentine
that burns
the tears from your eyes

Then at last you learn
how to fall to earth

Like rain


Everything dies
Everything returns to change
So when the time comes
St. Peter will call your name

And Simply

When he gives the word
For in the beginning was the word
And the word was without form
and void

And darkness was upon the face of the deep
And falling across the waters

Small things began to swarm
and multiply

And slowly
Across the immeasurable gulf of time

They drew their plans against us
with a magic eight ball

and rope
and tiny knives
At night the ice weasels come
It won't feel right
You will cry

Let yourself pretend
to disintegrate
and no one will believe
what you have become
when at last you find a form
and spread your wings
And fly