Teresa Six Twelve

It's the unutterable beauty
of the California skyline
the lights of LA county
like Diamonds in the night

Miss Teresa drives a 944
her catsuit tight to her pores
she has stars on her shoulder
cool marble floors

I of course wear a hideous mask
a dog with strange dark teeth
I read paperback novels
and work until I fall asleep

And then there is you
when I close my eyes
in the space between the dying light
and morning wood
lost and bright eyed
moving through
space and time

Do not ask
What place is this?
Where are we?
The time will come when we ask the conductor

And the grass will cover all

I was once advised
the best place to cry

Is in the desert
so this is where I lid my eyes
and the horizon blurs
and the drops fall to burn
this is where I am
the slight return

I love you
I have always loved you
Voodo Child

The two people
walking hand in hand
To die

They could be us
They could be your island


One day you will tell me of Kuwait
and the oil fires at first light
and I will hold you in the night
and cry
and never be alone again
as the light slowly fades
from gray eyes

But first our children will play
well. Perhaps yours.
Mine have homework.

Our parents will die
What little we have
will be blown to dust

Ours is to the celestial

Cold and quiet
like the stars of a night sky
high above a caldera


I have long since stopped breathing
I have never stopped loving


Mickey to my Mallory
Bonnie to my Clyde

Do something wonderful with your life
I will do something wonderful with mine

Perhaps I will meet you on the other side