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Vende Se - (For Sale)

She is a dancer whose purpose is to raise environmental awareness about the Amazon rainforest. Each image has meaning, in this costume whose entire fabric here was found to consist of one (1) piece strategically placed tape precisely 1.5 inches wide (thanks to Matt from Animal Mind for this scientifically accurate measurement). The purpose of her dance and costume , during Brazilian Carnival.. is to raise... awareness.... about an area of the Brazilian rainforest being sold to developers. This is a new kind of costume to me but I think I am getting the message. After careful study , I have determined that Vende - Se means "For Sale" and not a place called "Vendese". The only question I have left, that I am of course carefully reviewing now... is the strategically placed piece of tape. Here's my question. How does she take it off? Will she do it slowly.. or will she just ... jerk it off... ? :-)
(c/o Animal Mind )

From Outside Magazine...

" In a ham and egg breakfast, the Chicken is involved but the Pig is committed. "

The Day the Earth Stood Still

You may have noticed that September 15, 2008, under keen eyes of the Bush administration a form of corruption so viral and intense it spread throughout the entire planet - escaped containment in the New York Stock Exchange and crashed the world economy. The Hang Sen lost 60% of its value. The DAX was down 40%. President Obama , in the most-watched inauguration address of all time, said that he took the reins of power in a storm. The subsequent legislation and initiatives he pressed through never had a chance to take effect. In less than thirty days after Obama took power, the markets hit their second tier of resistance at 8200 and fell through, as I had written - and the world saw the US Stock Exchange continue to crash. George Soros, a man who makes a great deal of money out of trading the dollar against the Euro, recently stated that there is no end in sight to the current crash. The economic board set December 2007 as the start of a grand recession. In keeping with s…

Paper Planes - MIA [AMV]

Female as Object and Tool Use

What separates us from the chimps? Tools. And where does this begin, in brain chemistry? Apparently men spy a pretty woman they turn her into an object. And that part of their mind, is the same part as the one that uses tools. Object oriented, you say? You do understand, that this represents a higher quality of person. Alright, Lets see... A simple quiz..
Can you spot the piece of furniture carefully hidden in this photograph?

I Love my Google Ads ..

The google ads are there because I get like - what - A penny or something every time someone clicks on them, but they're not even going to send a check until it gets up to a hundred dollars or something like that. Unlike certain persons whose blog has collapsed , I actually really do love my google ads. I am curious about them. The question is exactly what kind of (I don't know - grammatical, for example?) relationship needs to be made to have an ad above any blog, that people will actually link-follow? I get some nice links. For example, being something of a political animal I got a few campaign ad links during the 2008 season - that's a fairly straightforward call for a good hardworking advertisement algorithm to make. Just put up a link to the opposite candidate, right? Interestingly, the same kind of mathematics that can recognize human speech works extremely well for recognition of human facial expressions. Can this math, be the engine behind content recogn…

Pet Project

Lets put these little ones
near a yellow star
It will make a fine

Lets make sure they have
fresh comets and air and food
Lets make sure we clean their cage
every 20 million years

Lets check in on them every now and then
And fold space and time
Maybe drop in , say - as a meme
That plays across animal mind

Or maybe we'll use the chaos messiah
Lets make a good start
This third one here looks nice enough
Its far away enough from the sun
To build life up every twenty million years or so
Maybe when its time to reset somehow they will remember
Lucifer's Hammer


Maybe just enough for evolution
For the quick and the dead
Maybe something more

Let us you and I
When the evening is spread out against the sky
leave this picture before our eyes
A blue ball spinning in the void

Lets hide
some things there in their cage
Sort of a backup - and maybe they will have fun with them
Tyrannasaurs terraformers
A rose, a thorn
The shape of eight

The …

The Quotable Annie Lennox

I think the world needs to be a far more loving place. And I think we are confused between erotic love [and] unconditional love. I think our sexuality is a very different thing from our love. ... We are a society fixated with sexuality and it can be very cruel. When the love, and the respect and the consideration [are] missing, people live very isolated existences.

Yellow / Seeds - Coldplay/Tears for Fears AMP

Look at the stars; look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow - I came along; I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do -
And it was called yellow

And its high time we made a stand
and shook up the views of the common man

Then I took my turn
What a thing to have done
And it was all yellow

Say could you be could you be squeaky clean?

And your skin?
your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
D'you know?
You know I love you so -

I spy tears in their eyes
and look to the skies
for some kind
of divine intervention

I swam across
I jumped across for you
What a thing to do
You were all yellow

Sowing the seeds of love

And I drew a line
For you
Oh what a thing to do
And it was all yellow

And , Oh - your skin
Your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
D'you know?
For you I bleed myself
high time
For open Hearts
(feel about it)
Open Minds
(think about it)

It's true
Look at the stars
Look how they shine for…

All is Full of Love - Bjork


Building. Antenna. Span. Earth.

What Speech Does for You

Its interesting to see the ideas people have regarding speech recognition. Alot of people will have definite ideas about whatever application they used. For example, there is a cinema application - a 1-800 app. You dial in, and you're supposed to say the name of a film and then it will locate the cinema you'd want to find.. I was talking with someone today about this application, and they pulled their phone out and showed it to me. The dialog begins with an advertisement. Suppose I were to talk to you, one day - and the first thing I said was a message that my sponsors required me to say? Thats how we took it. And then, the application wasn't location aware. It would return a list of locations. And your eyes are glazing over . Places you have no interest whatsoever to go to, start rattling off the list one after another. When we speak with people, the assumption we make is likely that the person we're talking to is aware of where they are. Thats an important ass…

La Vie Dans L'Infer

It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.

Thomas Jefferson

In Your Room - Depeche Mode

In your room
Where time stands still
Or moves at your will
Will you let the morning come soon
Or will you leave me lying here
In your favourite darkness
Your favourite half-light
Your favourite consciousness
Your favourite slave

In your room
Where souls disappear
Only you exist here
Will you lead me to your armchair
Or leave me lying here
Your favourite innocence
Your favourite prize
Your favourite smile
Your favourite slave

I'm hanging on your words
Living on your breath
Feeling with your skin
Will I always be here

In your room
Your burning eyes
Cause flames to arise
Will you let the fire die down soon
Or will I always be here
Your favourite passion
Your favourite game
Your favourite mirror
Your favourite slave

I'm hanging on your words
Living on your breath
Feeling with your skin
Will I always be here?

Black - Pearl Jam [AMV]

The Poetry Workshop

I did my very first poetry workshop yesterday. What was neat about it was their willingness to modify the form of the meter, and verse - and toy with it all. It felt like doing a sort of workout. I am not sure if those kind of things make you stronger. But certainly you had to think on the spot, they will give you a form, like, say , haiku. If what you write doesn't have the exact number of syllables , its not Haiku , 7 5 , something. You have to get it right. Or a zen master appears out of nowhere and hits you across the shoulders with a long bamboo whipping cane. Most everyone there tried to match the form that was available, and of course, there was the odd one or two that matched the form precisely. We beat them up after class.

Freefallin' - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


Can I have a friend-girl? Catechism says. Yes! Philos is friend-love, and you can have as many friends as you like. One of my first real friends ever, was a friend-girl. I went to Catholic school when I was young, and when I came home I spent almost all of my time building model airplanes. I built 112 airplanes before I was 11 years old. I specialized in the luftwaffe, the airplanes of world war II. Although I also deeply enjoyed the B-17, the P51-D and of course the RAF Spitfire. So I didn't get out much. When I finally emerged from my lab (the Attic) I found these two girls playing near my home and somehow they and I became fast friends. We spent every day together (when I wasn't building) and they and I had alot of fun. We even went to see "Tommy" together one night. When the only other option is a severe beating for one, in the middle of the playground - you tend to go where people don't give you a hard time and lets face it playing with girls is soft…