Pet Project

Lets put these little ones
near a yellow star
It will make a fine

Lets make sure they have
fresh comets and air and food
Lets make sure we clean their cage
every 20 million years

Lets check in on them every now and then
And fold space and time
Maybe drop in , say - as a meme
That plays across animal mind

Or maybe we'll use the chaos messiah
Lets make a good start
This third one here looks nice enough
Its far away enough from the sun
To build life up every twenty million years or so
Maybe when its time to reset somehow they will remember
Lucifer's Hammer


Maybe just enough for evolution
For the quick and the dead
Maybe something more

Let us you and I
When the evening is spread out against the sky
leave this picture before our eyes
A blue ball spinning in the void

Lets hide
some things there in their cage
Sort of a backup - and maybe they will have fun with them
Tyrannasaurs terraformers
A rose, a thorn
The shape of eight

The stronger the field
The slower the clock

Let them have a little fun
And maybe one day when they're grown
We can set them free