I Love my Google Ads ..

The google ads are there because I get like - what - A penny or something every time someone clicks on them, but they're not even going to send a check until it gets up to a hundred dollars or something like that.

Unlike certain persons whose blog has collapsed , I actually really do love my google ads. I am curious about them.

The question is exactly what kind of (I don't know - grammatical, for example?) relationship needs to be made to have an ad above any blog, that people will actually link-follow? I get some nice links. For example, being something of a political animal I got a few campaign ad links during the 2008 season - that's a fairly straightforward call for a good hardworking advertisement algorithm to make. Just put up a link to the opposite candidate, right?

Interestingly, the same kind of mathematics that can recognize human speech works extremely well for recognition of human facial expressions. Can this math, be the engine behind content recogntion?

Honestly, I am also curious about who is reading this blog. There are certainly alot of you. Why do they follow the links? I hope its not because the blog is boring to read.


M@ said…
Google said my blog was "inappropriate" and violated their terms of agreement for advertising. Fuck them and there two cents!