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When You're Ready Come and Get It


Work in Progress

This blog got its start as a kind of political cry. I was really, really distressed by the fact that our country was building an imaginary case against a country to go bomb them back to the stone age. I was confused. I could not understand how the America I was raised to believe in, could use its military power to push someone's head under the water at the community pool.

In fact, honestly. I was shocked. I thought the entire military buildup on the Iraq border in 2001 and 2002 was just a headfake. Also, to be honest, I found a submissive - and I thought that the best way to chronicle my first real subbie psycho play was to try to trace the arc of mine and her journey through to the point where the whip takes bite and the wood touches flesh. I happened to take and drop a slave during that time, but I never count slaves.

So, ok. Politics and kinky sex. Kind of like... Republican Blog. No comment. Right? I joined a group of bloggers. A phD that wanted to do polyamory. Some guy who …

Not Butter - Dillon Francis

Hey Kids, time break out your secret encoder rings!

"Go visit the cat and the cockroach before one eats the other"

Distance as a Function of Space and Time

Your misplaced car keys
the cucumber seeds
and night that finds us all

I can say goodbye again
even though , torn
you and I never left each others arms

I am an A4
flying across your radar screens

So scared to be alone

Sure I love you
this you know
you've never doubted it
and neither have I

But then find the satisfaction
of well marriage

Like a pair of old blue jeans
a person who sees
the gentle goodness in you
and partnership

Mickey. And Mallory.
Adam. And Eve.

I asked you a question.
I didn't need you to reply.

Is it getting heavy?
But then I realized.

We're playing with the time
that Mary fell
Toying with the overwhelming
Playing with the sky
and watching the light
trace its way across the warmth of the night

Not evil
but silent and clean and pure
where we fly across the dreams
of the masses

you and I
holding hands

Yes. I touch your vision.
Yes. I see through your eyes.


I'm a basketball in your hands
and I fly into the basket

I'm the swing on th…

Beirut - Yasmine Hamdan


Changing Course

Slipping away
without falling apart

You call , maybe.
But it's ok.

I will always be here.
Your favorite darkness.
You know the rest.

I can be honest, and answer plainly.
That I love you.

Matter of factly.

Since that November.
But what the fuck was the name of that tavern?

Traps and Puzzles

So you and I
pull into a cheap motel

You called just to wish me well
and broke it down for me
that I may never be broken


We sit across the table
you being able
to drink me underneath

But I've got the weed.

We both stretch into the night again.
Walking the streets with hollow stares.
Nothing to lose.

Only Lovers Left Alive

What is the role
of the trap or the puzzle
Where did I lay sabotage
to you, or I

Tell me again
about spooky action at a distance

Let me hold you.
Soft against your chest.
And you soft against mine.

Something special passing between us.

Entanglement doesn't happen naturally.
The two must be together.

Let me close my eyes, then.
And lose my identity in you.
Let part of me break away.

Let me not see the beauty.
Feel the wonder of your skin.
Touch you.
Taste you.

Doppler shift ford o matic super torque transmission
red to green

These white lights
bend to make blue

Let this all be new.
To you.

Blessed Mother

I just close my eyes
and shake my head

so much to do.
and nobody cares about you
when you fail

There's no room
for error

No margin
of safety

I am live
without a net

Hoping that my sense of balance
and my ability to hold on

Give me a chance
to make it beyond

The edge

I'm not really a drug addict
Just altering my consciousness
And death isn't really darkness
It's drama.

But at the top of the list right now
is staying alive

Then following on, is to work hard.
Then, you.

They say.
In the land of the blind the one eyed jack is king.
Like in the film Minority Report.

If it's ok, I'll take the new
improved clarity.

I'll work through the list of things.
I'll see you again.


When you do good.
Do it as if throwing a stone
into the sea.

Looking at the things that pass me by...


Disintegration - Monarchy - Dita Von Teese


The Morning, The Day, The Night

I couldn't see
mostly it was due to the fog

The sunrise was beautiful
and I made my usual morning path
returning home with the light

My little soft aussie sheepdog pup
put his head on my neck
and we worked

Bacon. Cheese. It does wonders.
All dogs sit.
All dogs stay.

And the afternoon comes on with the gentle fall of the land
and 4:20

my tire is low
you broke the silence

Before me

I am broken, sure, on the outside.
I could use a paint job

I go find a place for air
my body is depleted steel
The night comes

I read

word by word
and whisper words of praise

to the old gods.

Lachrimosa / Eve

On my desk
I have a view of our world

There is Florida
down below the clouds.

The Caribbean.
Puerto Rico.

The vast expanse of space against the limb of the horizon.
A sunrise dawn as the planet turns to warmth and light
away from the cold night

Planet Earth is blue.
My breath catches in my throat.

I must work today.
I must not open your mail.
I know I will.
But now.
For work.

The strange theory of quantum entanglement.
Creepy action
at a distance.

Can you tell your husband what's wrong?
Do you believe.

In Tears?

Isobel - Bjork


A Democratic Socialist Manifesto

A Democratic Socialist Manifesto

Every person seeking public office has a right to do so without having to sell themselves to people buying their vote. A Democratic Socialist sees lobbyism, and the actions of people in so called political action committees, to be the equivalent of white collar crime. We do not pay our way into public office. We are not bought. We are not sold.

Every person seeking health, shall find our hand of assistance. We believe that healthcare is a human right and that the only metric of the healthcare industry is how many healthy people there are, and not how many drugs we sell or tests we run, policies sold, premiums collected. Universal healthcare is a fundamental right and a public health issue; we believe that the miracle of birth, of life, and of health is a shared resource and we protect those who give birth and life with our own lives. In so doing we failsafe our society against viral effect.

Anything you do to yourself , as long as it does no harm - is …