A Democratic Socialist Manifesto

A Democratic Socialist Manifesto

Every person seeking public office has a right to do so without having to sell themselves to people buying their vote. A Democratic Socialist sees lobbyism, and the actions of people in so called political action committees, to be the equivalent of white collar crime. We do not pay our way into public office. We are not bought. We are not sold.

Every person seeking health, shall find our hand of assistance. We believe that healthcare is a human right and that the only metric of the healthcare industry is how many healthy people there are, and not how many drugs we sell or tests we run, policies sold, premiums collected. Universal healthcare is a fundamental right and a public health issue; we believe that the miracle of birth, of life, and of health is a shared resource and we protect those who give birth and life with our own lives. In so doing we failsafe our society against viral effect.

Anything you do to yourself , as long as it does no harm - is legal. Anything you create is your own. If you create a work of art, you have the right to profit from it. If you grow or print an organ, you have the right to use it in your body. If you wish to replace part of you with a machine, you are allowed to do it. Every person seeking the right to experiment with their body, or with drugs, has that right. No person shall ever be subject to the legislation of morality, or the intervention of any government rule or law that attempts to control whatever you are doing to your own body, or to anything you create. You own what's inside your head, what you create, your body. Prohibition, like lobbyism, shall be considered white collar crime.

All companies or institutions that grow to such a size that we find them to be so large that if their individual corporate decisions or actions require that we as a people must bear the cost of their error in order to have a functioning society, are required to subject themselves to the rule of anti monopoly and shall be required to seek a functional corporate model that provides for their ability to take responsibility for their own errors. No corporation shall be permitted to attain a size in which it becomes too big to fail, with exception reserved for certain military operations, currency, scientific initiatives, or specific healthcare initiatives in which the national interest is served by its calculus.

The right of the people to peacefully assemble shall not be abridged. No person seeking or holding public office shall command of their public audience any pledge of loyalty, or enforce any restriction of attendance by religion, race, creed, or political persuasion. Public issues are owned by the public.

The public internet shall be maintained by network neutrality, best practice, and state of the art. No corporation or government shall ever be given the right or privilege to utilize the public internet in a manner in which data sent, received or transferred, will be given restriction of access, speed, or content - at any time. The internet public infrastructure is owned by the world public, and given to the world for the purpose of communication and evolution, henceforth forever. No private company shall be allowed to declare any aspect of the public internet to be private to their cause, and any and all public bandwidth, whether transmitted by land, or through the open wireless network - will be maintained in strict accordance with network neutrality.

We will make provision for the defense of that public infrastructure, and defend ourselves, our grid, and our country from technological incursion.
We will make like provision for the defense and maintenance of citizen data, be it network, personal, or otherwise encircling the sphere of data generated by all human life - and defend the right of the individual to resist the utilization of their personal data by any other means than direct.
We acknowledge all persons have a right generate, use, and share - data. We preserve their right of ownership, and promote resistance of the utilization of that data by other governments, corporations, or persons - for any purpose other than direct proscription defined by the conscious and open minded participation of the individual.

We will defend our country and our freedom against the actions of evangelical people or organizations. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal. We build against the use of public networks and tribalism, a connection to the people, and the community in which we live - and we dedicate ourselves to the defense of the Constitution of the United States of America.

We believe in open source democracy. All political campaigns will receive direct funding from the people; no candidate may utilize the effects of news media entertainment paid through by any third party or themselves - instead, all broadcast entities shall be required to maintain a news operation that is not funding by advertising, and provide to political candidates equal airtime. The right of the people to be informed , and make accurate decisions, shall not be subject to the distortions of modern digital techniques, false truths transmitted as fact, or otherwise delivered opinion that is deceptively licensed as fact. We believe that the engine of open source democracy is good documentation, and shared responsibility, therefore any internet service provider, or broadcast company , shall be required to provide free hosting to both news reporting agency, and political candidate seeking public office.

We believe in the rights of the states to govern themselves as they see fit, and to promote and encourage each state to develop its own character in a manner that promotes the cultural, political, and social ideals of that state. It is therefore the responsibility of each state to provide public forum, and online social interaction that is tracked, verified, and kept inviolate - allowing and promoting the right of the people to peaceful assembly online. We require that each state share the data thus generated with every other state interoperable, and that the state responds to the popular vote of its people in a transparent manner. In like manner, all hospitals, places of care, and other operations shall be required to maintain citizen data in an interoperable, and secure manner. In this way we are unified in health , culture, and governance.

The right of any person to explore his or her own religion and faith shall be maintained and promoted. We believe life begins at human birth with the conscious decision and actions of two human beings who dedicate themselves to the care of that life. This applies to any life form, including clones. The construction of clones, whether for purpose of harvest or action, shall considered works of creation by the individual and allowable by law. However, any clone or human life whose creating force pair has mutually agreed to have attained a state of living, shall be considered alive, and afforded all human rights. Any person who seeks to create said life alone, and adopts any other person, religious entity, or third party to act as the second verifying party - who defines any life at any state to be alive, shall hence and subject to genetic verification of certain minimal metabolic activity - be considered alive and afforded all human rights.

We consider ourselves social democrats, and shall make use of social media in an open, transparent, and efficient manner. We shall not use or allow to be used, any platform, or element of our own data chrysalis - in any other manner other than directly proscribed, and further, no corporate or government entity shall be allowed to traverse that data chrysalis without the consent and afforded compensation due owner.

We believe in radical inclusion and we accept any and all who come to adopt these principles, regardless of race, creed, status, or other tribal identification and further, we expand our own tribal identification to include, support, promote and encourage active , moderate discussion.

We hold ourselves in online interaction, to adopt best practices - we measure our response, and thought - and we do not encourage the destruction of social ecosystems online, through the promotion of trolling, spamming, meme relay, junk mail, or other misuse of the public internet. All misuse of the public internet , whether for sending unsolicited commercial email, cyber intrusion, personal or corporate attack - will require the identified, and verified attacker to carry the sign of such attack and be identified in all online interactions as an offender.

Integrity, and honesty are our creed. We therefore promote and accept the role of government to be a keeper of active seed biometric, personal data, profile data, and any and all data that can be used to identify any aspects of a person's character such as honesty, integrity, or other public virtue. Such storage shall be verifiably secure at all times, and provision shall be made for any person to control his or her own data as he or she sees fit.

As with the definition of the start of life, all persons who pass from mortal existence have the right to continue their existence in any alternate form, provided that such form be registered as an alternate identity. No corporation shall ever attain, or be granted, for the purpose of fundraising, or in certain specific legal contexts - personhood. No alternate identity may be granted personhood or citizenship equivalent to voting or participation in an public election , forum, or decision.

Governments shall make use of public forums in the decision making process; any amendments to laws that are sponsored by any senator must be publicly acknowledged. No voting district shall be drawn in any state which specifically advantages one party, candidate, corporate entity, or otherwise suborn the witness of open democracy. All voting districts, legislation, and procedures shall be clearly documented and tractable, so that public comment and feedback may be provided.

Moderation of any public forum is an art that shall be exercised with the utmost of care. As such, moderators shall have special place in society, in a like judicial manner, and be lifetime appointed for forums at the highest level, and in lower levels, appointed , or elected to a term of not less than six years.

No elected official shall be allowed to join any corporation or entity that persists in the role of any lobbyist action, before, during or after their respective term. All elected members of congress shall be required to live in their own community; congress shall meet electronically through the use of forums, for the majority of their work and practice. Congress, when in session, will be open to public comment online and must respond publicly , showing the votes of their own district, and the comments therein.

The perimeter of Washington DC shall exclude any and all companies dedicated to the exercise of undue influence on the legislative process. Lobbyism is hereby banned from all federal and state governments.

All laws written and passed, must be published in an internet-ready form that allows for fast, simple and effecient search of the law. Any elected official who seeks to modify that law must identify him or herself on that modification, and the reason he or she seeks that modification, as is best practice of documentation, and version control.

These principles form the basis of A Democratic Socialist Manifesto. Those seeking to identify themselves with this form of government are free to adopt the name of Democratic Socialist, and to pursue the continuing and ongoing process of open source democracy. Equivalently, Social Democrats, Progressive, or Libertarian. These principles may be modified, discussed, or openly shared in accordance with GNU public license, provided that this work be correctly attributed to its creator.

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