Distance as a Function of Space and Time

Your misplaced car keys
the cucumber seeds
and night that finds us all

I can say goodbye again
even though , torn
you and I never left each others arms

I am an A4
flying across your radar screens

So scared to be alone

Sure I love you
this you know
you've never doubted it
and neither have I

But then find the satisfaction
of well marriage

Like a pair of old blue jeans
a person who sees
the gentle goodness in you
and partnership

Mickey. And Mallory.
Adam. And Eve.

I asked you a question.
I didn't need you to reply.

Is it getting heavy?
But then I realized.

We're playing with the time
that Mary fell
Toying with the overwhelming
Playing with the sky
and watching the light
trace its way across the warmth of the night

Not evil
but silent and clean and pure
where we fly across the dreams
of the masses

you and I
holding hands

Yes. I touch your vision.
Yes. I see through your eyes.


I'm a basketball in your hands
and I fly into the basket

I'm the swing on the playground
the cold metal sweet to the touch of your skin

I am the closed eye
and the open mind
teaching space how to bend
and space teaching me how to move
a requiem for a dream
holding on by the skin of its teeth

distance is a function of space and time
my lover came to me
and we lay
in rooms unfamiliar but until now
even as my heart began its journey into darkness
and will you say to me
when I'm gone

That I loved your son
and your circle
that called me like a parent in loving arms
to come just a little closer
as he runs just a little farther away

And your father's body
will go into the ground
and I all want to do
is pick up a handful of the earth
and lay it on his grave
and remember the kindness
of a man

Will you say to me
when I'm gone
your face is faded
but lingers on

Light strikes a deal with each coming night
Day brings stars songs faces
and the names change
but the song remains the same

That you and I are married
by something bigger than us
and that marriage ends
even if it's kind of a drama

through death that absorbs all light
and then like a ghost
I will be able to pass through walls
and we will hold each other in our arms
and talk of

spooky action at a distance

I was you
and you were me
and we are each other
neither dominant
nor submissive

my heart
is a tiny broken creature

my faith
is a monk whose hands are dirty

who smells of burlap
and the ashes of a fire

and we are both wound
by his briars
tended by friars

making their rounds
in black gowns
binding my desire

to you
through space
and time

Hold me before I leave
but let me hate
the reason

Kiss me before I go
but let me fight
to stay

You were so beautiful
You have become tall
and strong
and jesus christ the tits were fantastic

Seriously I really like them
and I usually don't care they're just something to hold

So yes, a little nipple play
why not

but in the end
we both knew
the sex was kind of awful
and the moment was stolen

So sure, there was guilt
but the kind of guilt that feels like a traffic ticket
you get from an automated intersection

When you were changing lanes and passing through on a green
One that you had to drive to the bank
to get the paper notarized

I'll never forget the look of weariness
in your eye

How clearly we both knew the moment
that passed in silence
that we were only there to say goodbye
and that we both failed

We are pawns
and kings
and queens
at once

needing God's love

will come

The honest words we both can't afford to say

I want to be there
when your father dies

I want
to be your only

I want your circle
around me

I want to walk through the library
and touch the snow

I want black people
by the thousands
listening to def jam

Eat. Sleep. Rave.