Blessed Mother

I just close my eyes
and shake my head

so much to do.
and nobody cares about you
when you fail

There's no room
for error

No margin
of safety

I am live
without a net

Hoping that my sense of balance
and my ability to hold on

Give me a chance
to make it beyond

The edge

I'm not really a drug addict
Just altering my consciousness
And death isn't really darkness
It's drama.

But at the top of the list right now
is staying alive

Then following on, is to work hard.
Then, you.

They say.
In the land of the blind the one eyed jack is king.
Like in the film Minority Report.

If it's ok, I'll take the new
improved clarity.

I'll work through the list of things.
I'll see you again.


When you do good.
Do it as if throwing a stone
into the sea.