Traps and Puzzles

So you and I
pull into a cheap motel

You called just to wish me well
and broke it down for me
that I may never be broken


We sit across the table
you being able
to drink me underneath

But I've got the weed.

We both stretch into the night again.
Walking the streets with hollow stares.
Nothing to lose.

Only Lovers Left Alive

What is the role
of the trap or the puzzle
Where did I lay sabotage
to you, or I

Tell me again
about spooky action at a distance

Let me hold you.
Soft against your chest.
And you soft against mine.

Something special passing between us.

Entanglement doesn't happen naturally.
The two must be together.

Let me close my eyes, then.
And lose my identity in you.
Let part of me break away.

Let me not see the beauty.
Feel the wonder of your skin.
Touch you.
Taste you.

Doppler shift ford o matic super torque transmission
red to green

These white lights
bend to make blue

Let this all be new.
To you.