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Larry King Leaves Cable

Larry King made it cool to tune into Cable at night. Yesterday, he announced he was leaving his show. Cable Television was a cool invention of the late seventies and early eighties - extending the delivery of media to the home. And perhaps the public internet is better served to be transferring other data than film. But the truth of it is, that film itself is evolving. Our choices are broadening. Larry wasn't really into the News Media Entertainment business, as I see it. He would focus his shows on perspective - and not attempt to put facts up there between two opposing viewpoints and try to treat them as if they are not facts. He wanted to run his show in a way that allowed viewers to understand a bit more of the single subject he chose for that evening. News Media Entertainment, or, the lacing entertainment into facts and presenting it as fact - is really more about controversy and does not strongly regard the subject itself. The idea is that , like a weaker form of reali…

Let the Right One In (Trailer)

Let the Right One In

The guiding principle of film collection is the question one must ask - if it would be a film, one could see twice. In my case, until I had seen the film 'Let the Right One In', I did not understand why. But now I do. The opening of the film is a dark night sky, and snow falling down. We can hear the sound of the wind. From there unfolds a simple story of a vampire. But not the kind of commercialized story that leaves one with some sort of vaguely disguised moral warning about feminine sexuality (pale skin, effeminate features.. do the math). This is a story of a vampire who must hunt to survive. And who depends upon humanity not only in a way we are familiar with - but also in a way , that we are not. There is a part of us that is human, no matter what stress is placed upon us. We are cast out of the clubs we wish to join. In facing everyday problems, we are thrown back against a wall. Black oil spreads across our waters, choking our seas. A monster within us rises…




"The Birds", Collector's Edition Barbie

Barbie , Then and Now.

Burka Barbie

World's Most Expensive Barbie

Talmud Barbie

Barbie, from Craigslist

The Original Barbie

International Espionage Barbie

Barbie and Ken

The Devil May Care - Brian Jonestown Massacre

Where is Alfred Hitchcock Hiding, In this Post?


iPhone v. 4 Falls on its Face

First, before we get into this I have to ask you a question. What is really important to you? Think carefully for your answer, and then keep it in mind as you read this. The iPhone v.4 is a flop. It's eye candy without functionality. Sitting the phone down on the desktop, the phone will go from nearly a dropped call - to half the signal strength of the previous version. In local access point configuration, the phone is consistently one bar below whatever the older version of the phone is. As a network engineer (and research scientist) I find the concept that having a sharper display bound up to a downgraded network connection - ridiculous. This is a cellphone not a status symbol or latest must-have gadget. Stick with android operating systems, the ERIS browser that plays flash - and a host of nearly free, open applications that are growing rapidly - if you want to get a functional device. Now, back to the question that I asked you. Do you feel that money, is the most import…

The Year of the Cat - Al Stewart/Casablanca

Sex Drive

Ok. I just finished watching Sex Drive, and its effing hilarious. There's this one scene where.. I'm not going to go into details but it involves handcuffs, a trailer home, and... ok. Never mind... Let's just say this. I laughed so hard I was like. Choking. Gasping for air. The film is definitely a one-hitter. You watch this one once. But what a ride. Sex Drive is the story of a guy who wants to hook up over the net with a Ms. Tasty, from some random social networking site. The premise is... if he comes all the way to her, she'll go all the way to him. The film is a ride across the country - through Amish territory, in and out of prison, corn fields, rock concerts, a fireman fantasy room, and Senor Donut costumes. You have not lived until you've seen a Donut take down a car thief. Nail him in the leg with a BFH round, then pin the guy down on the ground with the ridiculously oversized shoes on the dude's neck. The Unrated version actually isn't as…

I no longer wish to write

I no longer wish to write
I don't want to deal in words
I don't want my memory in nouns
I don't want my actions encased in verbs
I don't want this blog to live
I want it to die
let it sleep furiously
until human voices wake us
and we drown

And yet perhaps
One day
My time in the federal witness protection program
might draw to a close
and my real identity surfaces
and I will wear nice clothes
and walk in the light
and eat fine food
and drink fine wine
and smile

But right now
bacteria are working on me
a virus is dissolving my nose
my mind is filled with nothingness
and there is a rash between my toes
I no longer wish to write
Not poetry or prose
And yet this blog is still alive
and part of you will never die

I Love You
Won't you tell me your name?

There are no words.


A Lunchtime Reflection.

My son and I shot off rockets yesterday and swam in a salt water pool, and now I'm at work feeling kind of pleasantly sunburned and tired and very hungry. I bought the kids pizza for dinner and then split the pizza that was left over into smaller pieces for the kittens - in an attempt to administer a dewormer. It actually worked quite well - split the cheese of the pizza off, and pour the dewormer into the bread below - then flip the slice over and they can't get at it any other way than to eat the slice by biting it from the side. The cheese covers the taste of the medication. At lunchtime, there was a tree services company that had pulled in to grab a bite. It was a father/son operation, and his son was ten years old. It struck me that this man , an hispanic - is likely quite good at what he does. And he's letting his son tag along for the summer to learn the family business. I don't know why people seem to get excited about hispanic and latin american people…



The life of a spy

He does his job
Time consuming

He balances his work against duty to family and god
He dreams of the day he can take off
Fly down to Mexico

But the day comes
When he is sent upon an errand
And discovers
Those he trusted gave their life
and those that he will meet
await quietly
what he will deliver them
And once he is done
that simple object
be it information
or a handshake
A welcome hello
the warmth of human contact
he will scream out his pain
as they converge
drink his blood
and the notes that fall gently
like rain
of his last dying breath
and blood covering his glasses
bearing the retrovirus
that they needed to survive
will be music to him
a strange music
a miracle
he will die to see them live
and live to see life
from his blood and flesh
omega man
his dying text message pointed skyward
why hast thou forsaken me
the answer comes
as clouds gather in the sky
because my son
because you are a spy

I wandered home
and the next day
in cold granite stone
I placed a single st…

Southern Anthem - Iron and Wine

Happy Father's Day!


Parabola - The Fountain/Tool [AMV]

Net. Flix.

Like an old television we found, when
we pulled into a cheap hotel
its silver screen flickering
never broken..

The curtains are threadbare
The light filters in from outside
The instant queue grows wide
And films play all day long
like an all day festival
that never grows tired
a projector that never dies
endless popcorn
endless candy
endless coke
endless film

The streets are empty
an old piece of trash is flying in the street
A kitten is playing with my finger
I am lying down
stretched long against the leather
my heart is still
leaning against the old sofa
and yet somehow
it all feels new
I Love You,
Alice B. Toklas

Home - Voices in Your Head /Zero 7

Water on the Moon

There's alot of water on the moon. In fact, the last probe detected enough frozen water trapped in the ground to cover the entire moon with 3 feet of water. I think that comes from the huge amount of cometary collision we get from space - but also from the fact that the object that we believe - is part of the reason why the moon exists - also came from cometspace. This cloud of ice and rock covers our solar system like a giant bubble of snow and ice. And supposedly, 4.5 billion years ago, a big rock the size of about mars - hit us and knocked enough of the Earth into space to form the moon. If we do the right thing - that trapped water can be a really big deal for us one day. We have a long way to go, but its a great thing to be able to lift off from this planet. Part of doing the right thing - means we'll have to bioengineer ourselves. We're not escaping this planet in the current form we enjoy - our bodies are tuned to live on the planet surface. And if we went …

A Perspective on Obama's Meeting with BP

The basic idea behind BP's maneuver to try to get a bill through congress to cap the total amounts they're liable for, in an oil disaster - and the recent moves by a Republican Senator to try to get the Federal Government to clean up their mess - is pretty simple: liberalism. The fact that stealth liberalism is coming from the Republican party is no surprise. But what's even more interesting is what happens when the executive decision comes into play. Inside 30 minutes, Obama forced BP to pony up 20 billion dollars. Thats billion with a "B". He forced them to cover 100 million dollars in lost wages, immediately. And the Republicans that were in the room with BP went away with their mouths open and their wallets out. That was pretty damned cool. The only people that should be paying for the big, unholy mess in the Gulf of Mexico... are the people who caused the mess. No one else. Now, all we need is something short of a miracle to help keep the oil in plac…

Also ...

I'm also considering getting a horse. I think it will be one or the other. Those who know me, and only those who really know me - can understand exactly why in my mind I draw no real difference between getting a horse, and joining the military. It will have the same effect on me as a human being. Update 6/16/10: It's looking more like getting the horse. Update 6/18/10: I put a bid down today on the horse. Arabian stallion.

Thinking of Joining the Military

I am seriously considering joining the military this week. The reasons are pretty serious but the primary thing is that I'm not stupid enough to get myself killed anywhere else that I've been, and North Oakland is probably still more dangerous than certain parts of Afghanistan. This is not to say I'm ready. I'm not. It's just to say that I understand that isn't a job, and I'm not stupid enough to forget that you can get yourself killed pretty fast. It's like signing up to live in a cage with a Dragon. Keep the Dragon well fed, you can live on the scraps. But stop feeding the Dragon. And he eats you. Some guys need adrenaline in their life. They're just not complete unless they've got something that they can focus their energy on. So, Ok. I didn't win my research grant. That's not a problem. I've met with someone who can retool it and help me resubmit it. It was under the wrong program in that submission. I won't stop the…

Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin/300[AMV]

North Korea

North Korea is a country in deep crisis. Three out of every four factories are out of production. Starvation is again a problem - with many children being sent home midday - simply due to the fact that the children are in pain from lack of food - and unable to concentrate. As if this were not enough, North Korea radically devalued its currency last november. The currency devaluation move took any existing cash that anyone had saved up in North Korea - and turned it into cash value of only 2% of what it had been before. In one single stroke, the North Korean Government wiped out the savings of an entire country. The official word from the North Koreans - broadcast on the only radios that are for sale in this nation - sets that are soldered to receive only government and military radio stations - is that the sinking of the South Korean warship was a move that was orchestrated by the South Koreans and then blamed on the North. They have also laid the blame for their currency deva…

Death Star Cantina - Eddie Izzard/Lego [AMV]

Alice - Jan Švankmajer

Alice, by Jan Švankmajer - is a haunting film based on Alice in Wonderland and set in the world of the macabre. The film starts out with a small child throwing rocks in a stream, and then reaches over to a book in the lap of her tutor - quickly moving through the pages. Her hand is slapped away. The next scene is one in which the same child is sitting in her room - taking from a similiar and small pile of rocks and throwing them into a teacup. And then white rabbit - locked in a glass case - animates himself, pulling his feet free and then shears off the nail through his paw with his sharp teeth. He removes a secret compartment that contains his clothes - and then leaps away to a desk where he opens a drawer and drops into another world. Licking sawdust from his the rip in his chest, where he keeps his watch. The descent into wonderland is made through the drawer portal - and then becomes an elevator drop past translucent jars of things that are somehow being preserved well …

Tiger Woods / EA Sports

Requiem for a Dream

I often wonder
at what point
can we change our lives
our selves
How much control do we have
over our own fate
Is it too little
too late
I often wonder
I sat up , tonight - with my daughter
and we watched
Requiem for a Dream
I pray that I have taught her
to think for herself
to question authority
and above all
to seek God
and kill him as he walks
nail him to the cross
for the red blood splashed upon my eyes
that once were blind
now I see
And the light of that thing from within
And that future that we traverse / carefully/ loves us
to be locked within shining metal boxes
drinking from the waterfall
of liquid mercury swimming through the void
choking us against the wall
we live we love and we want to choose
so badly
and that light shines like something liquid
it hurts it destroys it makes our eyes open wide
nothing will be written upon my skin
checking out at the grocery store
two girls flirt with me , never before
in my mind I wanted them only to heal
to feel
to at once become …

Green Victory/ Black Death (Part II)

Mockus got pole-axed in the Colombia. Katie-bar the door - complete shut down. He succeeded in making this election a run-off and he's still in the running for run-off - but he's got a 25 point deficit to overcome. Anyone who wants to actually vote for him, and the Green party - will need to weigh their vote carefully. There was a province that voted green - they are a province that currently suffers from an anti-environmentalist policy that has burned the local area's resources. But by and large, the entireity of Colombia did something interesting - they polled heavily in favor of Mockus - then switched their vote to his opponent at the last minute. The green party , in Colombia - is now squarely behind the eight ball. But, it should be said that they do have a chance. There is a large percentage of voters who went for one of the other five candidates in the election - and they will end up crossing over to vote for either Mockus, or his opponent. What happened, in …