I no longer wish to write

I no longer wish to write
I don't want to deal in words
I don't want my memory in nouns
I don't want my actions encased in verbs
I don't want this blog to live
I want it to die
let it sleep furiously
until human voices wake us
and we drown

And yet perhaps
One day
My time in the federal witness protection program
might draw to a close
and my real identity surfaces
and I will wear nice clothes
and walk in the light
and eat fine food
and drink fine wine
and smile

But right now
bacteria are working on me
a virus is dissolving my nose
my mind is filled with nothingness
and there is a rash between my toes
I no longer wish to write
Not poetry or prose
And yet this blog is still alive
and part of you will never die

I Love You
Won't you tell me your name?


Anonymous said…
My name's John. I like long walks on the beach.