A Lunchtime Reflection.

My son and I shot off rockets yesterday and swam in a salt water pool, and now I'm at work feeling kind of pleasantly sunburned and tired and very hungry.

I bought the kids pizza for dinner and then split the pizza that was left over into smaller pieces for the kittens - in an attempt to administer a dewormer. It actually worked quite well - split the cheese of the pizza off, and pour the dewormer into the bread below - then flip the slice over and they can't get at it any other way than to eat the slice by biting it from the side. The cheese covers the taste of the medication.

At lunchtime, there was a tree services company that had pulled in to grab a bite. It was a father/son operation, and his son was ten years old. It struck me that this man , an hispanic - is likely quite good at what he does. And he's letting his son tag along for the summer to learn the family business.

I don't know why people seem to get excited about hispanic and latin american people in America. At least in this case, it seems as if the journey they make was one that many of our own ancestors made. If only I could teach my ten year old to code in C++....


Anonymous said…
hey you've already taught him how to make things that could potentially explode, why teach him coding?

It's a natural progression. keepgoing with the rocket thing tb