Requiem for a Dream

I often wonder
at what point
can we change our lives
our selves
How much control do we have
over our own fate
Is it too little
too late
I often wonder
I sat up , tonight - with my daughter
and we watched
Requiem for a Dream
I pray that I have taught her
to think for herself
to question authority
and above all
to seek God
and kill him as he walks
nail him to the cross
for the red blood splashed upon my eyes
that once were blind
now I see
And the light of that thing from within
And that future that we traverse / carefully/ loves us
to be locked within shining metal boxes
drinking from the waterfall
of liquid mercury swimming through the void
choking us against the wall
we live we love and we want to choose
so badly
and that light shines like something liquid
it hurts it destroys it makes our eyes open wide
nothing will be written upon my skin
checking out at the grocery store
two girls flirt with me , never before
in my mind I wanted them only to heal
to feel
to at once become real
tear off the chains and free their lives
and so we watched something so painful
that is as close as you are going to get to her
I will teach her how to feed the dragon
how to hold the gun
how to fire
I will teach her to let her breath out slowly
and if my son hates me
and my wife wants him broken
drawing him to her breast
at least I have a young cellist
who will not flinch
in her own defense
this is not meanness
this is losing small mind
destroying life
that feeds from life
yes, even a woman
can become a mensch