Water on the Moon

There's alot of water on the moon. In fact, the last probe detected enough frozen water trapped in the ground to cover the entire moon with 3 feet of water.

I think that comes from the huge amount of cometary collision we get from space - but also from the fact that the object that we believe - is part of the reason why the moon exists - also came from cometspace. This cloud of ice and rock covers our solar system like a giant bubble of snow and ice. And supposedly, 4.5 billion years ago, a big rock the size of about mars - hit us and knocked enough of the Earth into space to form the moon.

If we do the right thing - that trapped water can be a really big deal for us one day. We have a long way to go, but its a great thing to be able to lift off from this planet.

Part of doing the right thing - means we'll have to bioengineer ourselves. We're not escaping this planet in the current form we enjoy - our bodies are tuned to live on the planet surface. And if we went somewhere else to repopulate the planet there, we would likely only escape in molecular form. It is the most compact way we could survive the journey. Frozen. In ice.

Travelling across the black of space.

Like a comet.