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This story begins with a storm.

The nightmare.
Of one I can't seem to form the words
to speak
the horror

Your first vision
is of A priest , by the water
the nets cold grey eyes
And then.
The eye of the storm.
I can feel

It is
in the
wind. It is
in us. You.
And I. We are.
Were. Am.

To be in Love.
We were in love.
love. It fades now
through tears that begin to
lash the sides of the buildings like submachine
gunfire out on a lazy tiled afternoon In my memory
I am walking towards your home In my memory I worship the ground
simply because the ground bore you
You know me. I'm the one who wrote. The. Letter.

The Very. Specific. Valentine.

This storm comes to kill
this storm comes to destroy

and you and I alone Are Riders
Lithe Alive Me Wise Strong
And ride as only
a strong
triple reef

The Storm Siren Dread Camille Teresa Nylce-Prada
The Storm Siren Nylce
The S.S. Nylce

lightning bolt
against oblivion