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My Car, My Life

I decided to buy a Tesla S-Class. Delivery in 2011.

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

I'm Open - Pearl Jam

A man lies in his bed in a room with no door
He waits hoping for a presence, something, anything to enter
After spending half his life searching, he still felt as blank
As the ceiling at which he's staring
He's alive, but feels absolutely nothing
So, is he?

When he was six he believed that the moon overhead followed him
By nine he had deciphered the illusion, trading magic for fact
No tradebacks...
So this is what it's like to be an adult
If he only knew now what he knew then...

I'm open
Come on in

Lying sideways atop crumpled sheets and no covers
He decides to dream...
Dream up a new self
- for himself.

Of Mice and Men

In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men', the character Lenny Small is a simple man whose favorite thing to do is to stroke the fur of something soft. As the story opens, we see him, and his travelling companion George running from a posse. Lenny had touched a girl's soft dress and could not stop touching it - tearing it. She screamed and he tried to silence her - and in the process Lenny's massive strength undoes the innocence of the interaction - he does not hurt her but he tears the dress as easily as if it were paper. Running from Lenny, the woman draws vigilantes down on the two - and they barely escape by hiding in an irrigation ditch, water up to their chin. The two make their way to Tyler ranch , a Californian barley farm. As they are walking down the road, George notices Lenny putting something in his pocket. Upon being asked, Lenny replies "It's a mouse, George." .. a dead mouse. Lenny had been feeling its fur in its pocket. George throws…


I swear this was my backyard

I grew up here. I want to remember this.


"O" is the story of Odin James. Something drawing at me tells me to say this is a modern remake of the Shakespearean "Othello". If so, then so be it. This post is not about the film, which is an excellent film. This is about the problem of evil. In the film, as well as the play - evil builds - a sense of betrayal and outrage as the very forces that destroy the bond between man and woman mount to a point where the final plan is executed: a murder/suicide that we scream out , from within - to fail. As the last moments of this film wind to its conclusion I found myself torn apart for one simple detail to break the chain of events that were so carefully laid out to trap Odin James, and destroy him. One single ray of light. In the end, claimed them. But not without revealing a modus from which evil finally accomplished its goal. Evil cannot thrive without miscommunication and disconnection. In a connected world, evil diminishes. Each element of the plot unfo…

Miss Teen South Carolina 2007

The Embarassing Thing About Addiction

I saw a really cool film a while back - "Mr. Brooks". The basic line running through the film was that this upstanding, decent business and community leader was in fact a serial killer. It was in its own right, a good film - a nice suspense thriller. I enjoyed it on that level immensely. But so much of the film was really about addiction. The main character is battling an addiction. He's been able to stop killing as a result of AA meetings, and in the course a few nights his fortunes reverse and he's back in the saddle again. His addiction takes the form of an alter ego - a person whom he has conversations with - and he is methodical and precise about pursuing them all the while engaged in a dialogue with this alter ego regarding the character of the work, or the enjoyment. An addict first guards the time they'll spend doing whatever it is that they're addicted to. They'll carefully arrange things so that time takes first priority. And if you give …

Home - Zero 7

Lost in cheap delirium
Searching the neon lights
I move carefully
Sink in the city aquarium
Sing in the key of night
As they're watching me

Take me somewhere we can be alone
Make me somewhere I can call a home
'Cause lately I've been losing my own

Wrapped in silent elegance
Beautifully broken down
As illusions burst
Too late to learn from experience
Too late to wonder how
To finish first

Home - Zero 7


I guess we all go through phases where nothing seems fun. Different levels of adrenaline tolernace seem to match different people - some of us are never happen until they sky dive off the west face of the Eiger. Others are more content to have simply hiked Half Dome the easy way and made it back down before dark. I've done alot of cool things and I'm a fairly outdoorsy person - I got sick last week and the amazing thing was that the illness seemed to kill off everything I wanted to do or even think about doing. I didn't even want to read. At first it was kind of bad, because the coughing was really hard - I'd wake in the middle of the night coughing so hard I couldn't get back to sleep. Then came a low grade fever, it was never a huge downtime but it was enough. It really took the wind out of my sails. And now suddenly I'm on the other side of this thing and I've lost 10 or 12 pounds (yes, the abovementioned illness also took away my appetite) and I …

Echoes - Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii


The lady of the castle
hid her complexion
behind wax makeup
and took her guests
in the parlor, hiding behind a screen

Her face was scarred
with the mark of her caste
having the best of everything
she never milked cattle

The lowly milkmaid
her skin pure and smooth
was her envy
How could her skin be so clean?
How can the poor be more beautiful than the rich?

But the salt of the earth
had been hit with the worst
that a milder strain of the pox had delivered

To burn something from your life
sometimes it helps
to fight a weaker strain


The water is warm
but I am shaking
its hard to pull the towel around me

I am cold
but my forehead is burning
I can't seem to control
my core

The virus
is grafting
into my dna and using
me to create itself
It will leave
in me

I close my eyes and dream
of a red queen
I ask if you are my mother?
And she looks at me

Sleep comes at last
I wake feeling tired
My throat hurts
I am afraid to talk
Afraid the coughing will start
The pain
My eyes feel wet now
The hammering pulse of my heart
rocks my forehead

I was so hot
And now
Cold Sweat
I have to remember
to keep myself down

It feels like an accomplishment
just to sleep

A Breakfast
of hot tea
and aspirin
fit for a king

Speak softly to me
I hear every word
every consonant
every syllable
the soft breath
between the words
becomes incubus