The water is warm
but I am shaking
its hard to pull the towel around me

I am cold
but my forehead is burning
I can't seem to control
my core

The virus
is grafting
into my dna and using
me to create itself
It will leave
in me

I close my eyes and dream
of a red queen
I ask if you are my mother?
And she looks at me

Sleep comes at last
I wake feeling tired
My throat hurts
I am afraid to talk
Afraid the coughing will start
The pain
My eyes feel wet now
The hammering pulse of my heart
rocks my forehead

I was so hot
And now
Cold Sweat
I have to remember
to keep myself down

It feels like an accomplishment
just to sleep

A Breakfast
of hot tea
and aspirin
fit for a king

Speak softly to me
I hear every word
every consonant
every syllable
the soft breath
between the words
becomes incubus