"O" is the story of Odin James. Something drawing at me tells me to say this is a modern remake of the Shakespearean "Othello". If so, then so be it.

This post is not about the film, which is an excellent film. This is about the problem of evil. In the film, as well as the play - evil builds - a sense of betrayal and outrage as the very forces that destroy the bond between man and woman mount to a point where the final plan is executed: a murder/suicide that we scream out , from within - to fail.

As the last moments of this film wind to its conclusion I found myself torn apart for one simple detail to break the chain of events that were so carefully laid out to trap Odin James, and destroy him. One single ray of light. In the end, claimed them. But not without revealing a modus from which evil finally accomplished its goal.

Evil cannot thrive without miscommunication and disconnection. In a connected world, evil diminishes.

Each element of the plot unfolding to destroy Odin James depended almost entirely upon the protagonist being blinded to the mechanics of his undoing - and also the misinterpretation of the actions of his true friends. His 'trusted friend' made certain of this. Even to a fault. As I watched with a sort of horror I was screaming out for Odin to simply connect with that circle of friends that were being slowly drawn away from him. The simple connections that could be made if someone confronts someone else directly about things that bother them. A single conversation, well placed in any of the final scenes - would have undone the evil that was to come. A single, honest, open moment between two lovers. And all would have been shattered.

The spectacle of the plot to destroy Odin was found within our dark 'trusted advisor' ... he says he always wanted to fly. To soar like a hawk. He creates a series of scenes by which he purposefully disrupts the lives of those around him - and in its unfolding, which happens on the night of a basketball game - we see instead of a contest between equals - a sort of parade of misdirected energy. Much as in politics, those responsible for spectacle are the ones behind the chaos.

Odin's trusted advisor , is simply an inadequate human being trying to push his own limit. As in political parties, or candidates - he simply does not have the insight - the leadership and so chooses to destroy him - an expression of aneed to 'fly'... to be recognized as the best. Even if it means to destroy a higher standard, a better man - so that the bar is lowered for him. Or down to him.

"O" is a dark, tragic story of two lovers "Desi" (Desdemona?) and "O" (Othello?). It is a tale of trust, seduction and betrayal that taps into our drive to succeed - be it as a human, a man, or a woman. A man perhaps seeking simply to provide - to be someone that can be trusted, to be there for her. Odin places a simple band upon Desi's finger to symbolize this - saying he feels as if she's family. And perhaps that drive within her - the weaving of life and soul together that create the drive that ultimately powers Odin. The magic of the female. An intelligence. A culture. His reason for doing whatever it is he does, seems to come from her. A simple quest. The women of our lives - with their ability to bind thought to deed, a greater and greater blessing - the hidden but beautiful structure of all that is good. She awaits Odin with pure heart. Only to die at his misguided hand.

Both fall because hey fail to connect.

What is connection? Speech? Emotional communication? Perhaps a bit of both. What passes between two humans separated by space and time, with only words the arc of that transit. How two people convey deep meaning to each other. Two people can connect on almost any level but that way that two people can grow is the key to understanding the connections that failed in "O". Think of an idea. If you give another an idea. Then, you will have it. And they will have it as well. And if they give you theirs - then you have two ideas, and they also. A simple process of induction that gives, between a man and a woman, or two people - a path to the infinite.

In the Amazon Jungle there live a people who have committed themselves to the experience of being, no past (beyond two generations of memory), or future - a culture of the present, the now. In this society they have stripped away all their language and thought to simply experience each other in the most simple context that they can. The mothers sing to their children to teach them speech. The tone of the language determines the majority of their meaning. Like a song that is sung and goes away - their concept of the world is based on the moment.

And so the truth of the world hides from them. Their story teaches us that we need to be looking for good, and evil - everywhere. Despite our connections - or perhaps because of them , we are responsible for finding the truth in all things - "We are all in this journey together. But we all die alone."

Connection can be formalized. And it will. One day we will understand the mysterious distance. Between a man and a woman. Or a dominant. And a submissive. One day it will be a part of who we are, to know exactly how far we can be pushed.

But now, as we somehow in the dark - try to discover good from evil, or evil from 'good' - as we try to connect with anyone. Even one person out there.

We should always remember the danger posed by others. Life is not a zero sum game. Its played on a field with others. Remember that knowledge, experience and commitment will turn its benefit to you if you can connect to others. And to yourself.


Brook said…
How is it you speak in words I can hear and those who I should hear have been silent so long I can no longer recognize their voice?