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Tying the Knot

This is the "Before" Picture.

How You Remind Me - Nickelback

The Votes are Counted Today

The House has put forth several good health care reform packages, nearly all of which contain solid public options. The Senate Finance Committee today tried to reject two of them, however, they are not doing that great a job killing the reform package. With well over 74% of the American people supporting real reform, and a popular president now backing the measure - much of the discussion on Capitol Hill is not whether reform will pass, but how strong. The strength of the package is a critical issue. Think of healthcare reform in passage - in a watered down or 'triggered' form - as if it were antibiotics. If you administer too low a dose, what happens? The patient will act as a breeder reactor for stronger, more virulent forms of lobbyism and corruption - and you can guarantee that the process will morph to one in which what we have now, will become much worse. Weak healthcare reform is a toxin. It reiterates the theme that America is no longer a democracy, but rather - …

These White Lights Will Bend to Make Blue

Azure Ray

What is Life?

I got into a conversation today where an industry definition was tripping me up - being outside of field of the other person I was speaking with, so I thought I would add to some of the work I've done here - a definition of what life is, to help make sure we're all on the same page. Erwin Schroedinger: Life is any system with the ability to self-assemble against natures tendency towards disorder. Gerard Joyce , which is also that definition in use by NASA - states that life is a "self sustaining chemical system capable of darwinian evolution" Bernard Korzeniewski uses the cybernetic definition: Life is a network of feedback mechanisms. So the definition we will take will be any system capable of self-assembly against entropy, self-sustaining, and capable of darwinian evolution. Just for what its worth. Back to work with me.



Rhyne Creek

I was there to find out why
and maybe kill some time

I remember a thoughtless rivulet across the parking lot
and a small family sheltered under the veranda

I turned to find a limb
to drive it against something in the river
and watch it float downstream
cheap thrills , keeping my son under watchful eye
just to see how fast it would all fly by

the rain coming down on my head
we used a classic cars catalog to stay dry
1970's mustang bleeding colors in the rain

I found a small tree, and got it free and went to work

But wasn't the edge of the water, just a bit further?
I drove the pole into the debris
and then I noticed the water was at my feet
and the rivulet across the street
had become a stream

I raised my voice over the storm to my son
and we jumped in the car and drove to higher ground
just the water running under around the wheels of the car
had begun to rise up to the bottom of our door
a little grateful my wife wasn't there
she who does not shy from criticizi…

Natural Science - Rush

When the ebbing tide retreats
Along the rocky shoreline,
It leaves a trail of tidal pools
In a short-lived galaxy.
Each microcosmic planet
A complete society.

A simple kind mirror
To reflect upon our own.
All the busy little creatures
Chasing out their destinies.
Living in the pools,
They soon forget about the sea...

Wheels within wheels in a spiral array,
A pattern so grand and complex,
Time after time we lose sight of the way,
Our causes can't see their effects.

A quantum leap forward
In time and in space,
The universe learned to expand.

Myths and the magic,
Triumphant and tragic,
A mechanized world out of hand.

Computerized clinic
For superior cynics
Who dance to a synthetic band.

In their own image,
Their world is fashion.
No wonder they don't understand.

Science, like nature
Must also be tamed
With a view toward its preservation.
Given the same
State of integrity,
It will surely serve us well

Hitler Plans Burning Man

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

Try to make ends meet
You're a slave to money then you die
I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down
You know the one that takes you to the places
where all the veins meet yeah,

No change, I can change
I can change, I can change
But I'm here in my mold
I am here in my mold

But I'm a million different people
from one day to the next
I can't change my mold
No, no, no, no, no

Well I never pray
But tonight I'm on my knees yeah
I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah
I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now
But the airways are clean and there's nobody singing to me now

'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life
Try to make ends meet

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, on Golf and Gals

Praise Bob

Brothers and Sisters, Today I heard the words of heresy spoken. Yeah and verily I declare there exists one of you out there in cyber-land that do NOT know the true meaning of "Praise Bob". Oh, mine eyes have been opened. Let us rescue the sinners and equip the saints. Do you need your cortex reformatted? The memory card pulled out, and put back in better than before? Do you need to go pick up some groceries today? Does your daughter like Cheese Ravioli? Have I ever dressed up as a Woman in Second Life? Do you ever surf the Internet while you are at work? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes" then YOU may need a cerebral reformatting. Thats right folks. Take out the holy memory card.

Don't thank me. Instead, this Sunday - I want you to donate! Put on some special clothing and click on my ads at the top of this blog! Give, give give till it hurts to other sources of enlightenment and free wednesday dinners such as churches, synagogues, sex clubs,…

The Insider


Justice Sotomayor suggested the majority might have it all wrong -- and that instead the court should reconsider the 19th century rulings that first afforded corporations the same rights flesh-and-blood people have.

Judges "created corporations as persons, gave birth to corporations as persons," she said. "There could be an argument made that that was the court's error to start with...[imbuing] a creature of state law with human characteristics."

Found at Bitch Phd by way of Lawyers Guns and Money. Wise..

Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix

Well, the night I was born
Lord I swear the moon turned a fire red
Well my poor mother cried out lord, the gypsy was right!
And I seen her fell down right dead
(have mercy)

Well, mountain lions found me there waitin'
And set me on an eagle's wing
He took me past to the outskirts of infinity,
He gave me a venus witch's ring

And he said fly on, fly on
Because Im a voodoo chile, baby, voodoo child

Well, I make love to you,
And lord knows you'll feel no pain
Say, I make love to you in your sleep,
And lord knows you felt no pain

cause I'm a million miles away
And I'm right here in your picture frame

Well my arrows are made of desire
From far away as jupiter's sulphur mines
I have a humming bird / hums so loud,
You'd think you were losing your mind

Well I float in liquid gardens
Way Down in Arizona New Red Sand
Well, I taste the honey from a flower named blue,
Way down in California land
And New York drowns as we hold hands

'Cause I'm a Voodoo Chi…

Number 13 Baby - The Pixies

Got hair in a girl, that flows to her bones
And a comb in her pocket, if the winds get blown
Stripes on her eyes when she walks slow
But her face falls down, when she go, go, go
Black tear falling on my lazy queen
Gotta tattooed tit say number 13

Viva, don't want no blue eyes
La loma, I want brown eyes
Rica, I'm in a state, I'm in a state
I'm in a state, I'm in a state, I'm in a state

Choir in the yard, in the house next door
Where a grandma brought, some songs from the shore
Six foot girl gonna, sweat when she dig
Stand close to the fire, when they light the pig
Standing in her chinos shirt pulled off clean
Gotta tattooed tit say number 13

Viva, don't want no blue eyes
La loma, I want brown eyes
Rica, I'm in a state, I'm in a state
I'm in a state, I'm in (a state)

Who Knew?

If Jello is hooked up to an EEG, it registers movements virtually identical to the brain waves of a healthy adult.

Excerpt from "Who Knew" by David Hoffman

Under the Ivy - Kate Bush

Relationship Down

Fiver awoke from his dream
He saw the plow
He heard the screams

He warned the warren
And we all left, the images like fleas crawling through our skin
twitching our ears and swarming our dens
Fiver dreams the future

Fear consuming us - we leave at dawn
and she was waiting for me, my one
remembering, her fur lining the walls like love
the kits new ears in the spring

That was when the dog came
from right up behind her
Her eye opened wide , locking mine,
fearscent flowing from her like wine
He pulled her up in the air
snapped her back and chewed her spine

At that place
She left me with two small children
And the dog left behind her lower intestine
I hate him
He makes my hair stand on end

I finally made our way to the new warren
one less mother, I, a single father
slowly healing, slowly resonating
seeing new love once again, sweet scent and nervous ears
and sweet green grass and a mind that cannot remember
away from the bad dreams
away from the dog the fox the cat the viper

Each Other

I bite into the world and you and somehow the two split apart
I feel my way into your heart
The whisper of a womans voice, the sting of her tongue
Bring me where I need to be
Cherry colored funk

The world is something I want to fuck, and somehow you make it right
I feel my way in the wet warmth and dark
The touch of you the scent of love the shape of my heart
I really want to love you
I really want to love you

My left eye is dominant, sighting down the line I sank a 20 foot putt
I feel my way across the line and into the hole
The swing the arc, the follow through, ball dropped onto the green like a dart
Me against the architect

There's no question that I love you
But here I am...
Hands shaking after the perfect line
Sweat falling off my nose and hitting the blade

Fuck is a four letter word
So is Golf
We play it against each other
But we play against ourself
We play for greed
We play for fantasy
We play to win
We play the course
Not the player

I'm not so sure I can handl…

Florida Against the Wall

Satisfaction drips from the Indian River
Cigarettas blast through Miami Harbor
Her Ferrari rips down I 95 , fucked up gearplate shifter
10,000.00 clutch burning as she hits the highest gear
Rings on her fingers
Dust on her nose
Welcome to the Boomtown

Anywhere away from the ocean and its hot and humid and boring
And the rain comes all the time, more than anywhere
The ground is grey dust and seashells and bitter lime
Yeah, nothing grows there nothing grows anywhere
Flat as a fucking pancake
Strip Malls and Tourist Traps
Oversized dogs and Big Eared Rats

There are the places in the dark corners, beat up boats and horny sailors
sailing to sea on wood and nets and diesel , names like 1/2 fast
and privacy
No income tax
No ebay account
Sunburned, smelling vaguely of fish
They make their way home to wife and kids

The attorneys that help everyone to get their day in court done
pull up in the red BMW , black leather and chrome
professional liars playing important roles
helping save everyo…


Michelson and Morley had an idea to see if swift blew the wind
and crossed their beams (don't cross the beams!) into a half silvered mirror
so that if was slower than the other
we could see the beam arrive a little later

They both arrived at the same time

I was there to hear them when they did, watch their planes land and walk to baggage claim
I didn't have anything to say to them
They were here to disprove
to declaim

As is often the case
A single inconvenient truth
undoes the most beautiful theory

But they were family
And I was glad to see them just the same


There is very little that cannot be solved in life
if one is simply willing to curl up into the foetal position at dawn
and stare into oneself

This morning I got up and shaved off alot of hair
and then showered and climbed into bed again, worried, scared alone
a sort of endless hell

American Beauty starts off with the main character masturbating
he says, This is the high point of my day. It doesn't get any better than this
later on he just gets stoned

And halfway through the film he thinks of a young girl almost his daughter
naked, with rose petals falling around her , and he feels alive
and then shot in the head for homoeroticism

So back with another one of my block rockin' beats I face the darkness
I am tired, alone, scared - I have too much to take care of by myself
I will face heat going to work tomorrow after three days of flooding
I drank a few beers yesterday night
I didn't like them

It makes it too simple
to meet the darkness
And just sleep through it

I don&…

The Real Healthcare Victims

The Traveller's Dilemma

Terry and Jennifer, returning from a remote pacific island, find that the airline has damaged the identical, and ancient idols that each had purchased. An airline manager says he is happy to compensate them but is handicapped by being clueless about the value of these strange objects. Simply asking the travelers for the price is hopeless, he figures, for they will inflate the price to defraud the airline. So the Airline Manager decides to ask each of them to write down the price of the antique as any whole dollar amount between 2 and 100 without conference. Keeping Terry in a small box-like room, and Jenny a similiar closed, windowless room, apart from each other with no possible means of communication between them. When they are both in their respective rooms the Airline manager decides the following: If both Terry, and Jennifer write the same number - he will take that to be the true price of the strange object and he will pay that amount. If the two travellers write diff…

Pictures of You - The Cure

Sandburg's Three Criteria

1. Poetry is a projection across silence of cadences arranged to break that silence with definite intentions of echoes, syllables, wave lengths.

2. Poetry is an art practised with the terribly plastic material of human language.

3. Poetry is the report of a nuance between two moments, when people say, 'Listen!' and 'Did you see it? Did you hear it? What was it?'

How to Play in Traffic

One of the fun things I took from Penn and Teller's "How to Play in Traffic" was something you could do at the airport - I'm wondering if this still works*. You need glue, a small eraser sized circle of red foam , and a clown's nose. What you do, is head over to the gate and when they call you up to get seated and check your boarding pass - you turn around and wear the clown nose. They say. Excuse me, sir thats all fine and good but - can I see your ID? And you hand them the ID, and its your picture, only you've got a little clown nose there on it. Trust me, they'll love you for it. * - Footnote: Meaning "Gets you a Free Upgrade to First Class" , or "Doesn't Get You Arrested". One story I heard at the airport was that there was a person in Texas that was going through the gate, and DHS wanted to check him out. He was late for his flight, but cooperating. They asked him to open his wallet and take everything out, and he a…

Heaven or Las Vegas - The Cocteau Twins

All the Pretty Horses

As I race to the weekend and my meeting with a thoroughbred, I am a bit unsteady. I prefer the mutts of the world - the ones that don't have bloodlines. The mates that weren't run around in a pen and checked out by someone to make sure they were the best. The dogs that don't die of incest related disease. The cats who don't have heart problems or were bred to be void of hair or claws or allergen. That said, I'm also not happy with some things that I've done in life. Or my family. My mother bred dogs out of a dam that she knew was half breed, and sold them as thoroughbred. Then she did it again, from a smaller dog - when perhaps she didn't. I've sat on the research that I repeatedly refer to as my life's work - I'm afraid to publish it. I'm up to barely eight pages. But I know that if anyone were ever to wrong me, or my wife - whether or not she's my ex wife at this point doesn't really matter. My friend. Children. I would bri…

The Great Gig in the Sky - Lucifer's Hammer

Total Persons on watch for Dark Asteroids : 11
Average Persons Employed at a McDonald's : 12
Last Asteroid Near-Miss: 240,000 Miles, 1998
Times Mass Extinction has occurred to Date: 6
Cometary fragments the size of a small house, strike our upper atmosphere on average once every sixty seconds, vaporizing to water.


Doubleplus ungood redact six
strike paragraph five redact
Westasia statistics removed
Big Brother issues decree
Doublethink word option replaces all instance reform redact

Update all instances newspeak
Reform optional
Health optional Minitrue ok zero nine
Doublethink masses 76% for reform redact
Doubleplusungood reform
Newspeak option optional option redact

All wires focus attention outcry liarcrime
mediaspeak public outcry liar doubleplusgood minitrue diversion focus
big brother authorize, campaign dollar money anxiety doublethink wealth
focus money redact reform
lies are truth - money is freedom - war is peace

Activity sexcrime
ownlife warning thoughtcriminal in perimeter
thoughtcriminal apprehended
room 101

Update all wires
doubleplusgood option happy redact
newspeak option optional drop option easy to drop optional doublelusoptional

Activity halt minilove authorization six five two
unperson activate NSA full non Fisa Surveillance
all transmisions monitored …

No More Tears - Ozzy Osbourne



On Injury , Healing and Self

"Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears. ".
- Marcus Aurelius A recent study in biomedicine bears this to be a true statement. On a study fifty middle aged rural white men who had suffered traumatic spinal and brain injuries - they were asked to give the details of their physical strength, sexual performance, independence and successful career achievement.

It was deduced that there was a negative effect on the recovery when there was an increased masculinity and/or relationship control over females - and also that these men less happy in their life.

However, men who had concentrated on their career, success, power and competition - viz. manliness - showed markedly better recovery after hospitalization.

Dr. Glenn Good concludes in the study - masculine tendencies to aid in recovery but argues to dissuade patients from exerting control over women. So, the moral of the story is. If you have a life to live, go live it as strong as you can. An…

These White Lights Will Bend to Make Blue - Azure Ray

Drive away
Just get on the interstate
And slip through this closing gate
Pulled into this cheap hotel
I called just to wish you well

You said don't let love break you down
Well just show me how and
let me never be broken
Tomorrow a new point of view
These white lights will bend to make blue
Now this can all look new to you

Are you still living there
Walking the streets with your hollow stare
You say there's loneliness everywhere
So we have nothing to lose

The music plays all day long
And sorrow looks beautiful
And lovers seem mystical

Tomorrow a new point of view
These bright lights will bend to make blue
Now this can all look new to you

I am a Rock. I am an Island. - Simon and Garfunkel

A winter's day
In a deep and dark December

I am alone
Gazing from my window to the streets below
On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow

I am a rock
I am an island

I've built walls,
A fortress deep and mighty,
That none may penetrate.
I have no need of friendship; friendship causes pain.
It's laughter and it's loving I disdain.

I am a rock
I am an island

Don't talk of love
I've heard the words before
It's sleeping in my memory
I won't disturb the slumber
of feelings that have died
If I never loved
I never would have cried

I am a rock
I am an island

I have my books
And my poetry to protect me
I am shielded in my armor,
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb
I touch no one and no one touches me

I am a rock
I am an island

And a rock feels no pain
And an island never cries

Poupée de Cire Poupée de Son - France Gall

Frisky Equals Thin

Sex is a great way to lose weight. Seriously. The received wisdom is that this loss will clock in at or around 17 calories per half hour , over standard rest metabolism. However, they are not dealing in kink. Kink adds to the burn. We're not talking about whips and chains we're talking about an active, involved communications cycle nailed up between two people that includes the kind of things people do when they're actively pursuing each other. Lets talk numbers. A woman claimed that within three months of meeting her future husband, she dropped ten pounds without changing a single thing in her life apart from le rendezvous avec l'homme. Being a research expert, she back-calculated her weightloss and found a general per-tryst burn r of about 350 cal. This may be closer to the truth than the figure above, 17 calories. But for different reasons. The author does not talk about kink in her survey. Most people don't - kink is not mainstream - unless its p…


Although much has been written about this subject, in alternate forms - that is , through symbolism, or oblique reference - I felt it important that I weigh in on two of the most important aspects of this subject. I want to get a firm grip on this subject, and at the same time - maintain my usually perky and playful approach. Alright, I love them. And yes, I had a thing for Asian women a while ago - so I mean , I seriously love them. The beauty and attraction of a woman's breast is beyond compare. I don't necessarily spend alot of time on them, during play - but I do think they are alot of fun. I feel as if treating them kind of roughly, isn't such a bad idea. Why not hold them firmly and maybe bite them or just press your hand into them. A beautiful breast can be almost any size, the turn off for me is if they are actually too big , as in huge. They cannot almost be too small. However, its nice to have them feel good in your hand. This is a secret not many women kno…

Click on the Sponsored Links

But be careful. The links have finally caught up with my content, and they're good links to follow. The way it works is - most of the so called cures and telomere lengtheners out there will and can cause cancer. You need to be careful. It might work, it might not - but the links (at least at the time I checked them) are good + its worth finding out whats going on - the cure will arrive within 30 years, maybe 50 - but we won't know the precise moment or day.

Mother of Invention


This is my cat, "Stitch".

He drives a Teal Chevy Nova. He secretly calls it "The Chick Magnet".

Stich got his car as a gift when he was first born. At first he was hard driving it. On the back, there is a bumper sticker that says "I (Heart) ESSENCE". We think he printed it off his inkjet printer, with one of those do it yourself kits. We had to make sure our insurance was paid up.

Stitch works at Captain D's Seafood Restaurant

Stitch takes 5 Fish Oil Capsules with every meal.

Lately, we've been thinking Stitch has a girlfriend. But we're not sure.

Tool/ Matrix - Parabola [AMV]


911 was a goat fuck
they hit civilians
they killed themselves doing it
they didn't get to heaven

911 was worthless
they didn't stop America
they screwed with us
but they just didn't win

And sure, people died
so what
they were in the wrong place at the wrong time
New York, NY
the insurance lobbyists call it
an act of God

Stopping to remember the fallen
When the fight is on
Is like speeding tickets at the indy 500

Ask a soldier
how many people he's killed, during war
He'll look at you
And say, I don't know

Its only afterward we make heroes
out of men doing their job
And right now you should know
That Job is Not Done

Let's take care of the Insurance problem
Then get Bin Laden
And then you can become
A weepy diwajka



Bidhoba ma er chulkani

Dol dol doluni
Ma er gude Kapuni
Chele dhokabe eakhuni
Ma chodabe tokhuni
Ma er gude cheler dhon
Ma chachabe sarakhon
Cheler dhone boddo jor
Ma er gude sukher tor
Ma er my-e cheler mukh
Ma er bontai tibro sukh

Chele choreche ma er opor
Nichay theke ma nachay komor
Bidhoba ma er paka gude
Chele mare dhon chokkhu mude
Cheler dhone ma er bal
Ma er gude cheler mal
Tarporete agle sal
Ma biobe cheler mal
Ma er buker tatka dudh-e
Dui chelete thakbe sukh-e

chayya chayya / heh bulbul ami bho bhalo - tak, chollo
poem / mohilla de sochella

Distractions - Zero 7

Aging is a Disease, and it Happens Just for the Fuck of It

Aging is a disease. If you don't believe it take a look at this guy.

If you are to tell me that everyone has to get sick like this, forget it. This is a progressive, slow moving sickness whose greatest tool is inflammation. And as sure as cancer is caused by viral code in your DNA - and shutting it down by removing telomerase, the condition of this human being is and can only be described as, sick. And of necessity, recovery capable to 100 percent. Don't want to live forever? Fine. But if you stop and recognize viruses are the dominant form of life on this planet... the picture you have up there is of a human being feeding them with his face. Ok, so. Why. Shouldn't a virus want to keep its host alive? Seriously. The answer is - just for the fuck of it. A virus writes into our DNA and uses our DNA to replicate itself. Its random patterns often carry it into writing sequences that can copy themselves without end. This is referred to as cancer. And so, we evolv…

My Thoughts on Obama's Speech

I watched this speech with a live-in priest, a person going to seminary that lives in my home. She was cheering the moral argument. I think we are seriously in for a ride with this president, he is something else altogether. My take on what he's saying is that there are three main areas of reform. First, strengthen regulation so the bizarre things the healthcare providers have been doing, with existing coverage. Stop. Second, require everyone to carry it. That is a huge win and crosses the aisle. Its true. We should all be carrying some form of coverage. Third, we invest in making a public option available if the markets (which will be available by exchange) are not going to respond. This leaves the big lobbies shaking in their collective boots. So much of our country has fallen to corruption. What I saw in the president's speech was as much a declaration of the independence we need from that corruption - as it was an honest statement of position and balance on the pre…

To My First Girlfriend

Where the hell are you? Did you make me listen to that corny song because you wanted me to think of you? It worked. Did you know that a relationship can save a life? I bet you do. How many times since then, besides me, did you royally un-fuck up a person? Six? Even after we broke up and I moved away (sort of funny how those two go together huh?) I still had a thing for you. I waited for you in the library of my high school for a solid year - sure you were in another state. So what. I was still there. Zero chance you'd walk in, it didn't matter. I think there was a girl there that joined me each day. I think she had a thing for me. I can only remember vague aspects of her face. But I can remember you. I can remember the black lace garterbelt. I can remember yoga exercises. I can remember working out. I can remember starting your black sportscar and playing a game of hello kitty with the ignition. Your place has been taken by my wife, and I am pretty sure she hates …

One to One SMS and Illusion of Connectivity

In school, passing notes was a kind of past time that involved thinking of a short message, writing it out in a covert fashion - often when you were supposed to be doing something else. Then somehow getting it to the person intended, where often the act of reading it was covert as well. It was fun. When we passed notes to class, we had goals for the messages - for example, a favorite of mine was to write a note that said "Hey, look at the footprints on the ceiling". And then watch how the message passed from person to person, by how they all tried to look at the ceiling. Cheap thrills. =)

I've received text messages from people who have said they had a thing for me. And yeah, I'm married. One that my wife really liked alot (translation: she almost killed me where I stood) was a message I received from a person in Australia who said she loved me. Although I have things I keep from my wife (mostly related to software, and private data) I make a point out of not …

Mass SMS and Illusion of Connectivity

SMS is a one to one medium, or at least, given that it arrives directly to your phone - you have convinced yourself its really being sent to you. In fact, people who use advanced mobile devices can create lists that can mass-SMS from their list. In addition, using a web/mobile model, senders can also broadcast messages - we still feel as if its one to one, because the majority of message traffic - unlike, perhaps internet mail - arrives personalized. For example, there are account warnings, currently automated. Very little spam arrives by way of SMS due to a cost factor, sometimes as high as ten cents a message. However, applications like twitter - and the mass-messaging that occurs from semi-personal lists even as small as ten users - are not focussed on communication, but rather - broadcasting. Twitter functions as a kind of lens through which prospective marketers can profile their target market - we live in an era in which each person alive receives more marketing information…






Cria Cuervos

My Labor Day Morning

My daughter arrived at the conclusion that to jump on the trampoline at dawn would be a fun thing to do. Naturally, my son wanted to jump as well. I set them apart, to take turns and at six in the morning we set out the rules of dawn jumping nicely enough. Bleary eyed, I worked my way to the kitchen and fixed breakfast. There's a small chance that if I can get a solid half day of work in, today I will be able to head out to go swimming with my son. Otherwise the day dawned grey, cool and uneventful. The last day of summer. It was a good summer, all in all. The last few days were hard to let go. I have enough work for two months of work , and its all due in two days. But thanks to my new workstation, its going well. Countdown is at eight pages, now. With only five to go.

O Saya

What I Dreamt Last Night

I dreamt that I had made it into the adytum of an evil corporation, and that it was run by a midget. I figured out how to make a deal with him and get him to stop being so evil - but as I was leaving the compound and heading towards the gate station I suddenly realized the midget was not the one running the corporation, and that he was actually a dummy. I came back and found the real person who was operating the dummy and made him clean up his act. I felt like a hero. In the dream, I dreamt I got a text message that said. "Stiff?" That night I had biked 30 miles with the last 8 or so, on a broken pedal (you have to jam your foot on the crank, push hard with the other foot and just keep the peddle going) .. can take something out of you. 30 Miles normally doesn't get me tired, but the 30 for that night was to a BMX park where I jumped my mountain bike and that was alot of fun. I blew out my pedal on the way back after I stopped at a golf course and hit balls off the…

My Daughter's Arm

She has a painful bump in her arm, near her joint - it is about 2 cm x 1 cm oval, and it feels like a fibroid cyst. She has a blister on her hand, near her thumb. I treated it with antibiotic after it self-lanced somehow.

What I had for Snacks

I had a sweet and salty grain bar, and I had a bowl of macaroni and cheese with some peanut butter. I used something like sea salt on it. Later on I made some popcorn and we had that in the evening, and my son's friend, who doesn't eat dairy but drinks maybe six glasses of water with dinner- ate some of it. In general, I will make popcorn and drink water with it these days. I've picked up a real affinity for water. And like my son's friend, I can taste it now. It tastes very good. I also had a burger, that I cooked on the grill the day before.

What if God Was One of Us? - Joan Osborne

What I had for Dinner this Evening

I made tamales, not really cooked them but prepared them along with noodles. We cut into this fresh-from-the-garden bell peppers, and fresh tomatoes, from the same west-facing garden. The children drank lemonade, I drank water. I served the kids first, then I ate last - finishing the last of the tamales + I had a few cloves of fresh garlic. As I write this I am looking the other way as a semi-wild cat of mine that returned tonight after being away a few days - is somewhere hunting for things that fell of the floor. Just before dinner, we had gone swimming. My daughter's friend found the courage to jump from the high dive, and my son discovered a 1966 pontiac GTO, 6.5 litre - beautifully restored - in the parking lot. The guy started it for us. It sounded good. After we went swimming we picked muscadine grapes by the side of the road. My daughter and her friend, my son and his - with me picking my son up and having him stand on my shoulders to get the highest ones. We climbed…

What I had for Breakfast this morning

I made breakfast burritos, chicken, carrots, potatos and lettuce with a little tomato and onion sauce.. a fresh fig for each of us, and sparkling apple cider. We picked the figs last night in the dark. The burrito is made by cutting the yolk of the egg, and spreading it thin across the bottom of the pan - then pressing the tortilla or japathy onto the egg, and then flipping the tortilla or japathy over and filling the burrito -in pan, then folding it so that the tortilla is lightly cooked. I used a tomato, onion sauce that is somewhat sweet.

Mexican Wine - Fountains of Wayne

Sexo Y Lucia

In the darkness, near the shore - waves crashing towards the line between one world and another, two figures turn and dance. There is a dim light that illuminates the form. A man, and a woman. They exchange only a few words. What do you do? One is an author. The other , a chef. They return to their embrace. Soon after, the woman is giving birth. She will find the father of her child - the only clue - that he is in a certain city, and that his birthday falls upon a certain date. In her delivery is an expression of the power of life. Who is the father? She says that she doesn't know - but she will find him. And then she screams. As the film opens, we seem to be a party to suicide. The police do not explain the nature of the death. The man is depressed, and the woman is trying to help him - but she fears she is too late. Unable to deal with the loss, this woman - not the same woman who gave birth - but another - returns to the island. Her memory recounts a world of color…

pR0n gro0ve

lets play in the desert
straight lace rose corset
that dress
you know the one, the one in which we met
the one I had around your ankles the second night we were together
you change your name but thats okay its necessary
what you leave behind you don't miss anyway

lets play in the ocean
the sea and sky an unending silver band
that place
you know the one, the one where sharks come to mate
the one where I asked the question for which you already knew the answer
what you thought was freedom was just greed
and you're still holding on

lets play together
lock your legs around me
or press your knees together
and I lock my legs around you
and sleep together in the desert
and dream of rain
wake up with the sun
dream of life
dream of shadows and ghosts and the 1970's
and colors and shapes and sounds
and getting the question right on the show
and jumping up and down and screaming and having fun
and lift our gaze to empty skies above
and I want to close my eyes as you grab my hea…

Sorry about your Irony - 10 Eleven/[AMV]

I love this kind of thing.

Brother in Arms

We learn from our Brothers in Arms
their lives are not given in vain

It is so simple to take a man
give him a gun
tell him to fight
can virtue be learned?

Is courage, intelligent endurance?
or just another job

It is so simple to go into battle
give us our target
take it out ftw
games without frontiers

Patriotism is the other woman

So many different worlds
So many different suns
So many different girls
Those kind of girls
That go on the nose in their sexy clothes
We kiss for luck before we board
pretty and supple, thin and young
you thought no one was looking
yeah, we saw you using your tongue
it's ok, man. it's all good
we've been on the front too long
we'll get furlough soon

Only a man can give his life
Only a man can go to war
Yeah, Nobody's gonna die
Nobody's gonna make you their whore
But all is fair in love and war
So for whatever gets written on the stone when you're gone
To right the wrong
Said The art of war is to gain time when your…