Brother in Arms

We learn from our Brothers in Arms
their lives are not given in vain

It is so simple to take a man
give him a gun
tell him to fight
can virtue be learned?

Is courage, intelligent endurance?
or just another job

It is so simple to go into battle
give us our target
take it out ftw
games without frontiers

Patriotism is the other woman

So many different worlds
So many different suns
So many different girls
Those kind of girls
That go on the nose in their sexy clothes
We kiss for luck before we board
pretty and supple, thin and young
you thought no one was looking
yeah, we saw you using your tongue
it's ok, man. it's all good
we've been on the front too long
we'll get furlough soon

Only a man can give his life
Only a man can go to war
Yeah, Nobody's gonna die
Nobody's gonna make you their whore
But all is fair in love and war
So for whatever gets written on the stone when you're gone
To right the wrong
Said The art of war is to gain time when your strength is inferior
And perhaps when no one else is around
You're really fighting for her

So there will be no white lies
no best habit or seeming trust
just keep that image before our eyes
of her in that beautiful dress

this is my weapon
this is my gun
this is for fighting
this is for fun

this is for all my Brothers in Arms