How to Play in Traffic

One of the fun things I took from Penn and Teller's "How to Play in Traffic" was something you could do at the airport - I'm wondering if this still works*.

You need glue, a small eraser sized circle of red foam , and a clown's nose. What you do, is head over to the gate and when they call you up to get seated and check your boarding pass - you turn around and wear the clown nose. They say. Excuse me, sir thats all fine and good but - can I see your ID?

And you hand them the ID, and its your picture, only you've got a little clown nose there on it. Trust me, they'll love you for it.

* - Footnote: Meaning "Gets you a Free Upgrade to First Class" , or "Doesn't Get You Arrested".

One story I heard at the airport was that there was a person in Texas that was going through the gate, and DHS wanted to check him out. He was late for his flight, but cooperating. They asked him to open his wallet and take everything out, and he asked them 'what, do you think I have a shotgun hiding in there?' and they arrested him for it and he had to stay in jail for an entire night. I heard that crazy stuff like this is no longer happening. So maybe clown noses can work for you.