Relationship Down

Fiver awoke from his dream
He saw the plow
He heard the screams

He warned the warren
And we all left, the images like fleas crawling through our skin
twitching our ears and swarming our dens
Fiver dreams the future

Fear consuming us - we leave at dawn
and she was waiting for me, my one
remembering, her fur lining the walls like love
the kits new ears in the spring

That was when the dog came
from right up behind her
Her eye opened wide , locking mine,
fearscent flowing from her like wine
He pulled her up in the air
snapped her back and chewed her spine

At that place
She left me with two small children
And the dog left behind her lower intestine
I hate him
He makes my hair stand on end

I finally made our way to the new warren
one less mother, I, a single father
slowly healing, slowly resonating
seeing new love once again, sweet scent and nervous ears
and sweet green grass and a mind that cannot remember
away from the bad dreams
away from the dog the fox the cat the viper
their hungry mouths and evil laughter

night comes , and with, my new soft one
she makes our den soft and warm
and clean, and safe and dark
we huddle in our hutch
and sleep
and are free