The Votes are Counted Today

The House has put forth several good health care reform packages, nearly all of which contain solid public options. The Senate Finance Committee today tried to reject two of them, however, they are not doing that great a job killing the reform package.

With well over 74% of the American people supporting real reform, and a popular president now backing the measure - much of the discussion on Capitol Hill is not whether reform will pass, but how strong. The strength of the package is a critical issue.

Think of healthcare reform in passage - in a watered down or 'triggered' form - as if it were antibiotics. If you administer too low a dose, what happens?

The patient will act as a breeder reactor for stronger, more virulent forms of lobbyism and corruption - and you can guarantee that the process will morph to one in which what we have now, will become much worse. Weak healthcare reform is a toxin. It reiterates the theme that America is no longer a democracy, but rather - a place in which corporations share unparalleled control of American institutions. In which 76 percent of the American people can support and rally around important reforms that end up being dashed against the rock of corruption.

Not being able to dose your child properly for a regimen of antibiotics has life threatening consequences - and something no parent should ever do. A course of antibiotics must be followed to the letter, at the prescribed strength - or it will provide the bacteria that it is trying to kill - an opportunity to develop multiple resistance and eventually jump out of control and destroy its host.

The house has responded positively and almost unanimously to support full strength reform. The senate, however, is setting up carefully constructed roadbloacks to halt measures. Those senators that do so are no different than June Cleaver looking at the Beaver and saying, "Gee, maybe we can save some money - lets use these old pills" that are past expiration date ... or , "Gosh, Honey, lets just stop the medication - the Beaver looks fine"..

Call The Congressional Switchboard: at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Senator or Congressman now. Tell them you support a strong reform that includes substantive, real public benefit.