What is Life?

I got into a conversation today where an industry definition was tripping me up - being outside of field of the other person I was speaking with, so I thought I would add to some of the work I've done here - a definition of what life is, to help make sure we're all on the same page.

Erwin Schroedinger: Life is any system with the ability to self-assemble against natures tendency towards disorder.

Gerard Joyce , which is also that definition in use by NASA - states that life is a "self sustaining chemical system capable of darwinian evolution"

Bernard Korzeniewski uses the cybernetic definition: Life is a network of feedback mechanisms.

So the definition we will take will be any system capable of self-assembly against entropy, self-sustaining, and capable of darwinian evolution.

Just for what its worth. Back to work with me.


Anonymous said…
somehow this doesn't sound like what the guy on the top of the mountain .. the one with the long flowing beard.. ? told me...


how are you tb?