Each Other

I bite into the world and you and somehow the two split apart
I feel my way into your heart
The whisper of a womans voice, the sting of her tongue
Bring me where I need to be
Cherry colored funk

The world is something I want to fuck, and somehow you make it right
I feel my way in the wet warmth and dark
The touch of you the scent of love the shape of my heart
I really want to love you
I really want to love you

My left eye is dominant, sighting down the line I sank a 20 foot putt
I feel my way across the line and into the hole
The swing the arc, the follow through, ball dropped onto the green like a dart
Me against the architect

There's no question that I love you
But here I am...
Hands shaking after the perfect line
Sweat falling off my nose and hitting the blade

Fuck is a four letter word
So is Golf
We play it against each other
But we play against ourself
We play for greed
We play for fantasy
We play to win
We play the course
Not the player

I'm not so sure I can handle life with you
Or life without you - but I'm sure I want to win
And one thing is certain
Whatever the line between love and hate
You are pushing me through transformation
You keep it long and straight