Frisky Equals Thin

Sex is a great way to lose weight. Seriously. The received wisdom is that this loss will clock in at or around 17 calories per half hour , over standard rest metabolism.

However, they are not dealing in kink. Kink adds to the burn. We're not talking about whips and chains we're talking about an active, involved communications cycle nailed up between two people that includes the kind of things people do when they're actively pursuing each other.

Lets talk numbers. A woman claimed that within three months of meeting her future husband, she dropped ten pounds without changing a single thing in her life apart from le rendezvous avec l'homme. Being a research expert, she back-calculated her weightloss and found a general per-tryst burn r of about 350 cal. This may be closer to the truth than the figure above, 17 calories. But for different reasons.

The author does not talk about kink in her survey. Most people don't - kink is not mainstream - unless its pop kink. However, there is a broad range of activity that can comprise sex. Here is a little puzzler. Lie in bed - you're not going to do burn calories. Now just try to lift yourself up just one inch closer to your partner - a sit-up that amounts to nothing more than to lift your body about an inch, mabye an inch and a half off the surface of the bed. Press yourself hard into him. Depending upon your weight class, if you can keep that up you burn 500 cal.

Another factor regarding kink is fear. This plays into the weight loss calculation, in a big way - but you will not get the burn by being up on stage at a night club. This is the kind of thing that can be generated best between two people - again. Getting unwanted attention from someone you don't know can actually be fun, but getting unwanted attention from someone you do know - can make you feel vulnerable. That feeling of vulnerability plays into a fear calculus - this is also something that the female author above , did not factor in - however, I would argue that since she had just met her future husband there was at least a certain amount of fear involved. I was scared to death of getting married. I'm even more afraid of getting divorced though :). 15 years. Woof.

The top of the list is competitive cycling, and I can second that. Its an incredible burn, maybe 1035 cal so if you really want to lose lots of weight, then just drop your caloric intake way back so your body is pulling energy from the fat cells, drink lots of water and take vitamins (because again, the body needs the water for the conversion) and dont be afraid of carbs before a big workout (like. eat pasta and stuff) a bit before you really hit the bike hard. You will maintain a strong metabolism and drop 30 pounds in a month. If you do it right. But this isn't really being frisky, its being aggressive. Competitive cyclists are incredibly aggressive.

The better thing to do is to gear yourself to someone - try to make yourself look good for someone and make sure that someone is never going to go away. Because he won't. And if you can't get the St. Andrew's Cross.

Then use another one.

And I am definitely saying, we are not talking about weight loss through faith. I am talking about having a focus. Keep the cross around your neck and go cycling.

But if you want to keep things low key. I would calculate burn differently than the two authors above, and estimate a net difference of around 400 cal per day, so keeping your overall cal 800 below 2000, or around 1200 and then deal in anything going on like this, you'll be fine.

Or yeah, you can go ahead and just hop on the bike and do about 40 miles. But if you do it straight, its not as much fun as if you find someone up on the bike path, and pick him off. He'll chase you, and you'll fall back and then maybe you can make him die on the hill or something. Drop back, let him see you and then just take off. Or dogfight him up to a finish line you can imagine. Make him see God (see above para).

Pretty much anything you do, as long as you deal in a little bit of friskiness - will make you thin. And you can never be too thin. Or too frisky. This is not advice. This is a warning.