pR0n gro0ve

lets play in the desert
straight lace rose corset
that dress
you know the one, the one in which we met
the one I had around your ankles the second night we were together
you change your name but thats okay its necessary
what you leave behind you don't miss anyway

lets play in the ocean
the sea and sky an unending silver band
that place
you know the one, the one where sharks come to mate
the one where I asked the question for which you already knew the answer
what you thought was freedom was just greed
and you're still holding on

lets play together
lock your legs around me
or press your knees together
and I lock my legs around you
and sleep together in the desert
and dream of rain
wake up with the sun
dream of life
dream of shadows and ghosts and the 1970's
and colors and shapes and sounds
and getting the question right on the show
and jumping up and down and screaming and having fun
and lift our gaze to empty skies above
and I want to close my eyes as you grab my head
but I keep them open and look into yours
and we bite each other and twist and turn
locked dancing, bending intoxication of form
we drive into each other unstoppable force
immovable object fuck like a pair of minx fuck the paradox
matter antimatter hot momma pair production light forth
sacred sex sacred fire sacred warmth
like a wave like a drug like an answer to a question under the stars
this one goes out to the one I love