My Thoughts on Obama's Speech

I watched this speech with a live-in priest, a person going to seminary that lives in my home. She was cheering the moral argument.

I think we are seriously in for a ride with this president, he is something else altogether. My take on what he's saying is that there are three main areas of reform. First, strengthen regulation so the bizarre things the healthcare providers have been doing, with existing coverage. Stop.

Second, require everyone to carry it. That is a huge win and crosses the aisle. Its true. We should all be carrying some form of coverage.

Third, we invest in making a public option available if the markets (which will be available by exchange) are not going to respond. This leaves the big lobbies shaking in their collective boots.

So much of our country has fallen to corruption. What I saw in the president's speech was as much a declaration of the independence we need from that corruption - as it was an honest statement of position and balance on the precise issues in play.

And it borrowed heavily from the right, in a way that I agreed with. Obama is the independent's ultimate choice for president - someone who is not afraid to stand for effeciency, and also regulation - someone who believes fair play should mean level playing fields. This speech was a game changer. It signified a clear direction and full throated support for real reform.

And it was mind-opening as well - the republican response, despite its bizarre contradiction that Obama's plans will cost so much money - had ideas that we could use - not the least of which, is being able to cross state lines to buy insurance, making the exchange the president proposed - a living reality. In places like Alabama, where one provider owns 90 percent of a market - the monopoly is broken.

The bottom line is this president has acted on his promise of reform - and the plan he outlines, just damn well works - so much of it reaches across to the GOP it will ultimately come down to a question of character, and humanity. As to where we will go with this.

Right now, it looks like we'll go all the way. Way to go President Obama. My live-in priest was cheering you. And so was I.