What I Dreamt Last Night

I dreamt that I had made it into the adytum of an evil corporation, and that it was run by a midget. I figured out how to make a deal with him and get him to stop being so evil - but as I was leaving the compound and heading towards the gate station I suddenly realized the midget was not the one running the corporation, and that he was actually a dummy. I came back and found the real person who was operating the dummy and made him clean up his act.

I felt like a hero. In the dream, I dreamt I got a text message that said. "Stiff?"

That night I had biked 30 miles with the last 8 or so, on a broken pedal (you have to jam your foot on the crank, push hard with the other foot and just keep the peddle going) .. can take something out of you. 30 Miles normally doesn't get me tired, but the 30 for that night was to a BMX park where I jumped my mountain bike and that was alot of fun. I blew out my pedal on the way back after I stopped at a golf course and hit balls off the driving range in the dark, it was a 56 degree wedge so it wasn't the usual, fun 8 irons, alot of touch shots. Most of them landed where they needed to be. I bongoed on the way back, twice. Once coming way up a berm then stopping too early and falling down the steep edge, another time just getting on the bike.