Rhyne Creek

I was there to find out why
and maybe kill some time

I remember a thoughtless rivulet across the parking lot
and a small family sheltered under the veranda

I turned to find a limb
to drive it against something in the river
and watch it float downstream
cheap thrills , keeping my son under watchful eye
just to see how fast it would all fly by

the rain coming down on my head
we used a classic cars catalog to stay dry
1970's mustang bleeding colors in the rain

I found a small tree, and got it free and went to work

But wasn't the edge of the water, just a bit further?
I drove the pole into the debris
and then I noticed the water was at my feet
and the rivulet across the street
had become a stream

I raised my voice over the storm to my son
and we jumped in the car and drove to higher ground
just the water running under around the wheels of the car
had begun to rise up to the bottom of our door
a little grateful my wife wasn't there
she who does not shy from criticizing me for my tone
although somehow I imagine should would've just gotten into the car

now up on a bridge, we watched as
two children
a father
and a mother
their shelter
the mother zippering a clear plastic cover
over her stroller
and pushing her children
through a running stream
five minutes start to finish and the flood was upon us
and the place where all the softball equipment was stored
became an island