My Labor Day Morning

My daughter arrived at the conclusion that to jump on the trampoline at dawn would be a fun thing to do. Naturally, my son wanted to jump as well. I set them apart, to take turns and at six in the morning we set out the rules of dawn jumping nicely enough. Bleary eyed, I worked my way to the kitchen and fixed breakfast.

There's a small chance that if I can get a solid half day of work in, today I will be able to head out to go swimming with my son. Otherwise the day dawned grey, cool and uneventful. The last day of summer.

It was a good summer, all in all. The last few days were hard to let go. I have enough work for two months of work , and its all due in two days. But thanks to my new workstation, its going well.

Countdown is at eight pages, now. With only five to go.