Florida Against the Wall

Satisfaction drips from the Indian River
Cigarettas blast through Miami Harbor
Her Ferrari rips down I 95 , fucked up gearplate shifter
10,000.00 clutch burning as she hits the highest gear
Rings on her fingers
Dust on her nose
Welcome to the Boomtown

Anywhere away from the ocean and its hot and humid and boring
And the rain comes all the time, more than anywhere
The ground is grey dust and seashells and bitter lime
Yeah, nothing grows there nothing grows anywhere
Flat as a fucking pancake
Strip Malls and Tourist Traps
Oversized dogs and Big Eared Rats

There are the places in the dark corners, beat up boats and horny sailors
sailing to sea on wood and nets and diesel , names like 1/2 fast
and privacy
No income tax
No ebay account
Sunburned, smelling vaguely of fish
They make their way home to wife and kids

The attorneys that help everyone to get their day in court done
pull up in the red BMW , black leather and chrome
professional liars playing important roles
helping save everyone from simply telling the truth
handing out divorce and dissolution and probate and cause
stiff core they move through the world
like Yukio Mishima in the spring snow

Old people have finally made it here, and here they stay
Florida greets them at the end of their life's day
Sunset traces out the last of their lives
Sagging tits on wrinkled wives
they wade in the pools with the strange cocoon
And somehow they're young again, healed of wound
Recovered from the fever and inflammation - dark of beard and short of tooth
Their bodies begin to function again
Held for their monthly pension
See otherworldly
they count their blessings
and see through sickness
auto debit their bank account
auto vote republican
when everything else is gone

We stand at the mall and cross our arms over
We jazz june
Lean against the wall
And feel the steel breeze

Sitting on the table glowing black
I reached for the gun

Ex Girlfriend called me up
My first kiss, she went to France , came back
She lives by the ocean
She lives in my heart
Ah Fuck I miss them all
But her the most
And why not

She knows from where the steel breeze blows
She knows how to turn me into a ghost
We used to work out together
It made her period shorter

Marlin on my wall
Glass eye staring at me
in the Deep Blue Sea
Silver flittering
So tasty

We bite
And get ripped out of ourselves
And pulled up to the stars
Alot of Flame
Alot of Noise
Alot of Sound

Up we go
America's Coast
Precaucion ! Benzedrinos