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It's 5 am
my cat waits outside patiently
hidden in a bush
by the breadcrumbs
I scattered
on the ground

breakfast will be served

Santa: The Concept


Cold Rebel

Do not fire
until you can see
the whites
of their eyes

One of These Days I'm Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces


Domme and Domer

He waits for her
as she gets into bed
the sharp look in her eyes
fills his head
with visions
of pain to come

He cuddles up
pulling the sheet to his neck
eagerness in his eyes
and a pink
milk of magnesia

She is so sweet
that is her secret
it makes him happy to be near her
and also to serve

as they entwine
and the inevitable stainless steel
clamping bite
and rope tied tight

she lets her mind drift
to a time
when she could count

Sadness is a Blessing - Lykke Li


Names and Dreams

We walked arm and arm
but we couldn't speak

The dark
enfolding us on our path
Our love
shining bright

At night
the ice weasels come

It was then I spoke to you
and over the times we shared
our words exchanged
you and I

And I realized
I had become a film
screened in the seventies
with flaws
missing frames

And I suppose some could be proud
that they could name
all the actors

But I didn't remember anyone
and just enjoyed the story

And you

Tanzmjzik - Kraftwerk