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Mormonism is a faith that is spreading rapidly across the globe. Like any other faith or religion - it's based on what we now know as mystical precept. Everything that it builds upon, isn't yet proven out by science. That shouldn't disqualify it for either people of science or people who thump their bibles and pray for better parking spots on a daily basis. After all, we might just want to realize our own limitations as a species. We're probably not exactly on top of the galactic food chain. The best way to think of religion, in general, is with an open mind. We as a species have an extremely limited range of sensitivity to our environment. Perhaps some of the things we're not able to track are bothering us as spirits. Sure, most preachers are talking heads. They're interchangeable, like batteries. But religion itself has little to do with preachers. They are, if you will - teachers working with very old textbooks. Faith and worship and your…

Blow - Keisha


The Half Asses vs. Occupy Wall Street

This post is for the fifty three percent. The idea behind Occupy Wall Street has transformed itself into a global movement. Thank God. Freeing democracy from monied corruption is such a simple, and easy thing to grasp. It's about time we all started to see the light. The occupation exists at the doorstep of companies who rigged the Drachma, and stole trillions. And trillions. And trillions. .. So much of the global economic turmoil that has existed since 2008 and the Bush Republicans - came from, simply, theft. Stealing. Think about this. Companies who hire corporate lobbyists ...are bribing congressmen. There are entire TV News Media Entertainment Networks dedicated to the concept that they can be paid , not millions - but billions of dollars every election cycle. They set themselves up as a kind of gate, not unlike a pledge that many congressmen have taken to a lobbyist firm - to ignore actual human participation and replace it with the idea that one must pay mas…

Occupy Wall Street

Telling the truth is an act of patriotism. When, in 2008, corruption and the neoliberal state - destroyed us - we bounced back. The citizen of the neoliberal is the corporation. A powerful entity, that is accorded many of the rights of an individual - they pay massive sums of money to lobbyists which , in a neoliberal state - provide laws that create a welfare state for them. They are by and large ready to spend massive amounts of government money - and they will. The idea of Occupy Wall Street is so simple, really. It is saying to us: Tell the truth.

Google Plus

Google Plus is, at its heart, a better solution than anything else out there at the moment for one reason: it is specific. Case in point. There's a beautiful woman out there, we'll call her "Ade".. that I really admire. The chances of me being in her first circle of friends, is, well, Zero. That's a good thing. I don't know her. She doesn't know me. Does she want me cyber-stalking her? No way. And so, she's able to specifically exclude me and any other men - who seriously want to jump her bones. She can focus on her beautiful child, or maybe even her husband, who couldn't think his way out of a paper bag, if you put it on his head. Ok, well.. he could probably figure it out. But. It would take him some time. He's a gamer, and he doesn't do it right. So. ... Anyway... This same person, had a girl at work that made it her life's work to try to bring her down. She works at a healthcare administration office - and she's…

Pitch Black


Destroy a Human Soul

A diamond is the only substance
that can cut a diamond
Another living soul
is the only thing
can destroy a human soul

This is not to say
the human soul cannot be damaged
news media entertainment
is a good example
Death and Taxes
The Rat Race
Cold unbroken days
without pay

There are things that can mess with us
like the Personals section of Craigslist

But it takes another person
to remove from you that thing
that makes you, who you are

Find the center in you
Chew it up and leave


When it came to a question of choice
she said: Don't even ask me. You know the answer.
And Life brought forth
amidst a hostile world
of cells that will not die
without nuclei

To such disease
perhaps the virus
saw the unborn as a door without a key
and try as it might
it could not defeat
genetic defense
in the swirling telomerase
of life come to be

Not to be outdone
the evil one
unfurled his wing
brushing against
the woman
and the child was born
skin so thin
you can see veins
cold plastic tubing
the wind beneath dark wing
the beast lashes into the world
and takes her just as the child is born
from within
but first
and if only because
the nurses insist
she holds her child

A single soul
Goes to our long home
And one day, a child's eyes will know
a tear
But now
they can barely focus

Born in light
and love

Close your eyes
and bring your lips tight over teeth
draw forward
press a baby's foot to your lips
and get some toes

One down
Nine to go

I Remember- Deadmau5/Kaskade [AMV]


It's A Part.. Of My Chromatic Fantasy ...

It's a part.... of my chromatic dream.

One Demand


Third of Ten

When in the course of human events
it becomes necessary for men to rise up against
corruption, tyranny - and the reckless rule of the few
who by their overt theft and derivative action
have destroyed the integrity of finance
and in whose actions have resulted in network loss
and occlusion of the will of the people

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country
to cast aside the duty of the day
and look toward a brighter dawn
When men born on this soil can say
They are proud to be American
And are proud of what we have done

For it does not benefit a country
to have gained the wealth of nations
through surreptitious means - derivative action
and persistent beating of the drum through corporate media
to say otherwise

We hold these truths to be self evident
that all men are born equal
and all corporations are to be held accountable
to the eyes of the law
For what separates us
Man from Beast
is our sense of right and wrong

And we, as Americans - sense clearly in thi…

A Moment of Reality

It is a moment of reality
A shock

No ambiguity
No question
No hatred

Except you, for me
And I. For you.
An obsessive, all consuming
Made of black material
strangely cool to the touch

Good name for it, don't you agree?

Your answer is: Yes. Sir.

At time of writing

You are, I regret to say
Left your own devices..
...and Oh, what wonderful devices they are...

But I think your mind is not as sharp as it should be
you lack a certain joie de vivre
And that is why you want to see me
And isn't it funny, that you still can't see me
Facing the opposite way

What shall we do about this?

I think I read somewhere
You were the kind of girl
who would take take it in your hand
tap the head, and say 'Is this thing turned on?'

This time.

You will.

Take it.

Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance


Steve Jobs / The Dream is Over

I had the strangest dream last week. And since then, recurrent nightmares. It was a dream in which I met Steve Jobs, and he told me a few simple things but more importantly he and I went through a ring of light and I saw the universe laid out before us and I was so happy that he spoke with me. I was also happy that there was a beautiful girl sitting next to me in the auditorium where we met Steve after his TED Talk. But hey, this was my dream. And after that point, recurrent nightmares all week. Strange ones. One of them - was a dream in which I felt that my life, my home, everything about me was a prison. Tonight , after work, I came home and fell asleep for a nap that ended up running from 6 pm until around 9. It was a dream that was about music. I was searching for a piece of music. And it was a dream in which there were monsters coming for me while I was searching. It was an odd, terrifying dream. One that wakes you with a start just as the zombies near. And I woke, feel…

Republican Progressive

Teddy Roosevelt. At Sagamore Hill, 1912. This home was built for his wife, Alice Lee, who died in childbirth. He himself was shot, in a failed assassination attempt. He went on to deliver the speech. Bleeding. A man of science. Boxer. A conservative. And a progressive. Tell me. Which candidate today, from the Republican party - best parallels this great man? Any of them?

Americana - Dave White

Seeing this work, and his board designs, I'm wondering if he's kin to Shaun..?

Seeing Red

Rednecks, apparently , love to see red - when it comes to politics. However, Nearly 40% of the Republican party do not actually know what the letters G.O.P. stand for. I have watched an entire freshman congress get voted in on the largest ever corporate expense in American politics, transform the political process into a dog and pony show - and then attempt to call themselves conservative. Think about this. This means, that spending unlimited sums of money by corporate lobbyism - is supposed to be conservative. I have seen small towns retain and grow their wonderful character. At the gerrymandering of their very soul. I have had enough. It is noble, that given the weight we have placed, as a country - on the importance of journalism - one of our own great leaders once wrote - Thomas Jefferson - the proper operation of government requires a free press. But how, have we allowed an entire news media entertainment company dedicated to political propaganda, and the undermining …



The Story of Your Life

... Is not told by updates, every day. It is not detailed by keeping track of everywhere you've been. You do not wear a sign on your chest that tells other people whether or not you're in a relationship. Corporations are not human beings and do not deserve to be treated as 'friends'. What you watch on your TV, is your business. Not mine. The story of your life is not written by someone else. There are vulgar moments. Moments of extreme beauty. There are moments within your life that you cannot put into words. Your dreams are part of you. So are your nightmares. The story of your life is not idealized by a picture that you chose to represent yourself. You do not choose to select how others will see you. Those who read the story of your life, will find their own meaning in everything you have written. It is a deeply personal thing. It is yours, to write. One word at a time. Think about what you wish to say. Write it carefully. Record it somewhere - from which…

Lucky Star - Madonna