Google Plus

Google Plus is, at its heart, a better solution than anything else out there at the moment for one reason: it is specific.

Case in point. There's a beautiful woman out there, we'll call her "Ade".. that I really admire. The chances of me being in her first circle of friends, is, well, Zero.

That's a good thing. I don't know her. She doesn't know me. Does she want me cyber-stalking her? No way. And so, she's able to specifically exclude me and any other men - who seriously want to jump her bones. She can focus on her beautiful child, or maybe even her husband, who couldn't think his way out of a paper bag, if you put it on his head. Ok, well.. he could probably figure it out. But. It would take him some time. He's a gamer, and he doesn't do it right. So. ... Anyway...

This same person, had a girl at work that made it her life's work to try to bring her down. She works at a healthcare administration office - and she's a database administrator, and now, I guess... a "Business Analyst"... which means, honestly - she's still a DBA just one with the ability to look at applications. So she's got an important , and really, to my mind - decent job that really shouldn't have alot of politics. But, you know- she loved to blog and she had alot of things on her blog that were fun to read - but also bared her somewhat submissive and mischievous soul. This was , if I recall correctly - something someone wanted to use against her.

But now, she simply sets her circles properly and the girl from work sees nothing. Neat, huh?

The other website apps out there that do social networking,... well.. I can think of at least one of them that got its start as a way to get revenge on a girl, because there was a guy who had made an ass out of himself. He blogged about his then ex-girlfriend, and then wrote an application to try to prove to the world she wasn't beautiful.

Google Plus , on the other hand, starts off as a part of something that you use every day - and it goes along with the simple journey of life - you would share music, books, thoughts, images, ideas with your family, friends, and so on. It even feels a bit like family. Each circle , to me, reminds me almost - of the tables you see at family reunions. There's that really cool table that you end up getting a seat at , only when someone dies.... you know?

Then there's the table with the little kids, playing around. Tables in between. You sit at the table that you were .. I guess.. born to. Your place is taken by those characteristics. But all tables are there. When I login to Google Plus, I get a nice feeling that I've got a good circle of friends.

Google Plus is worth it.