A Moment of Reality

It is a moment of reality
A shock

No ambiguity
No question
No hatred

Except you, for me
And I. For you.
An obsessive, all consuming
Made of black material
strangely cool to the touch

Good name for it, don't you agree?

Your answer is: Yes. Sir.

At time of writing

You are, I regret to say
Left ...to your own devices..
...and Oh, what wonderful devices they are...

But I think your mind is not as sharp as it should be
you lack a certain joie de vivre
And that is why you want to see me
And isn't it funny, that you still can't see me
Facing the opposite way

What shall we do about this?

I think I read somewhere
You were the kind of girl
who would take take it in your hand
tap the head, and say 'Is this thing turned on?'

This time.

You will.

Take it.